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"Er mao seo Tutorial" Lesson nineth: SEO Operations-page optimization operations

; Books + Research + discussion + Notes + combat URL Note points: http://tj.hf365.com/xglfy/13.htmlhttp://tj.hf365.com/xglfy/? 13.htmlhttp://tj.hf365.com/xglfy/13/ Summary: Do a page corresponding to a URL. Key Summary: Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide 2.0 Three sentences in the user, so seoer do not optimize and optimization, search engine to the end by the user to eat. Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. "Er mao

"Er Mao seo Tutorial" chapter Fifth: SEO Concepts-Website log and HTTP status code analysis

; Windows NT 5.1; trident/4.0; asktbcs-st/;. NET CLR 2.0.50727; Alexa Toolbar) "Analysis learned: Access IP Spider02/may/2011:01:57:44-0700 Access date-time zoneget/index.php http/1.1 According to http/1.1 Protocol crawl (under the domain name)/index.php This page (get represents the server action)500 Server Response Status code HTTPThis is illustrated below:Website Log analysis tool: lightyears log Analysis tool (classic tools/Common)2. HTTP status Code200 on behalf of

"Er mao seo Tutorial" sixth lesson: SEO Concepts-404 pages, sitemap, 301 redirect Role and considerations

engine bounce rateBounce Rate: Users come to your site and only browse a page to leave the percentage.Thinking: What are the impact on site rankings? The principle of fast-line technology.3 , where is the site navigation? What role does it have? Example:http://www.wycszx.com/ Hefei registered company Hefei Company Registration Hefei Company in Hefei Agent Company Registration Promotion keyword Density blend usehttp://www.tuniu.com/ Weight 7 The category page promotes weights.Thinking: How to

"Er mao seo Tutorial" Eighth Lesson: SEO Operations-Label optimization

, homepage template, picture after adding Alt (backup first)birthmark Station ALT case:2. How do I add nofollow tags to an unnecessary chain of links in the website?Rel= "nofollow" an apple of 10 people, everyone thirst. 15 people to eat, everyone is not happy.can go crawling and ingest, but do not pass the weightCase one:rel= " Nofollow">Case TWO:rel= "nofollow" class= "more" > more Focus on home page weights, especially during new stations.Focus on home page weight to do the first page of keyw

Seo tutorial-seo's active access to user data

For Seo, the ultimate goal is to allow users to actively access your web page, and the skills and techniques are both knowledge-based. Today'sSeoTutorialLet's discuss what seo actively accesses user data and what is the significance. 650) This. width = 650; "src =" http: // "style =" border: 0px; "/> 1. When rating a site, the search engine

"SEO Series tutorial" SEO Concept-website keywords and long tail keywords

us. This is also suitable for our optimization work.Encounter this situation, want to do the homepage ranking basically is not possible, in a short time.How to deal with the above situation:1. Comb all the long tail words of your website, check the ranking of all the words, and select the quality of the comparison;2. Around one or a few long tail words to do optimization;3. Original article (recommended pure original) 3-5 articles per day, 1-3 post;4. Friendship Link Exchange 1-2 each day, the

"Er mao seo Tutorial" The Seventh Lesson: SEO Operations-keyword selection and optimization

? taking the relocation of Hefei as an exampleHefei Moving company fees and details Hefei moved to move Hefei Binhu moving company to move Hefei school relocation needs to pay attention to what matters?First: The title must appear long tail keywords; second: As far as possible in the keyword tags and description tags appear in the long tail keywords; Thirdly, we must reasonably arrange long tail keywords appear in the article or content inside.(2) the page title , to appear long tail keywords, p

"Er mao seo Tutorial" The Tenth Lesson: SEO Operations-Content Building

encounter this situation, how to quickly dig out their own site The most advantageous side, that is, how to quickly find their own site of a certain or some of the ranking of some words.A: Check your site's brand words, refer to the old station (top)5. Q: We usually do keyword, Baidu index results, the impact of our lyrics, is not sure to meet the Baidu index to do this word.A: Long tail words, do not need to consider Baidu Index, later, it is necessary to consider the Baidu index more. Because

SEO Search Chinese Word algorithm principle of actual combat tutorial

SEO Search Chinese Word algorithm principle of actual combat tutorial, if a person want to become a qualified SEO personnel, then the search engine word thinking is must be mastered, because only master participle thinking, you can make search engines like, and users also like the Web page, Although in the Dream Tour in the video

Seo Tutorial: getting started with Search Engine Optimization and advanced (version 3rd)

SeoTutorial: getting started with search engine optimization (3rdVersion)" Basic Information Wu zexin Series name: Turing original Press: People's post and telecommunications Press ISBN: 9787115357014 Mounting time: Published on: February 1, July 2014 Start: 16 Page number: 302 Version: 3-1 Category: Computer> Information System> comprehensive More about"Seo Tutorial: getting started with Search Engine Opt

So-called SEO master so-called second-harvest tutorial

reading his video, I am very silent, but also for those who download these videos seo novice and webmaster worry. Obviously this SEO expert is in fraught. If SEO novice and webmaster without hesitation, to his method of praise, and in the future website promotion and operation work in the same way, their own and their site is dangerous. Because this so-called

Search engine Optimization "SEO tutorial version 2007" Download _ Website Application

SEO training Course by the King of Technology Wang Tong based on his own years of actual combat experience to write, it not only teaches you how to quickly learn SEO technology, but also teach you how to use SEO technology to real money. Wang Tong that: learning technology is very important, learning to use technology to make money is more important!

Necessary manual for website promotion: Seo Tutorial: getting started with Search Engine Optimization and advanced (version 2nd)

Necessary manual for website promotion: Seo Tutorial: getting started with Search Engine Optimization and advanced (version 2nd)[Author] Wu zexin [works with the author] [Translator's introduction][Book name] Turing programming Series[Release news agency] People's post and telecommunications Publishing House [book no.] 9787115213389[Shelving time][Publication date] May December 2009 [Opening] 16 Edit recomm

SEO optimization settings tutorial for the DiscuzX3 Forum

Next, let's take a look at the optimization settings of the website help network and the three-tag writing method: Title: Website Help Network-webmaster forum focused on website construction tutorial-Webmaster Help Center Keywords: webmaster forum, webmaster Help Center: website construction description: The Webmaster Help Center, also known as the Webmaster Help Center, provides webmasters with website construction help, at the same time, it provides

Seo tutorial-requirements on the selection and use of website domain names based on Baidu weight

During the SEO tutorial, I often find that many webmasters and friends are very concerned about the problem of increasing Baidu weight for new websites, for this reason, Seo tutorials have carefully prepared a series of tutorials to increase the weight of Baidu based on their Seo experience, hoping to help you. Today,

Network marketing tutorial-seo Preface

, considering the ever-changing knowledge and technology of online marketing, Once printed into a book, it is difficult to update it in time and mislead readers. In this case, I decided to exclusively assign the entire content to Sina Technology serialization. Due to the rush of time and technical development, the content and views are inevitably not suitable for the times. Please identify them on your own. During this period, we will cite the classic discussions and cases of celebrities of

SEO Tutorial: Target keyword Analysis

SEO Tutorial: Target keyword Analysis If you want to rank well with specific keywords, especially competitive keywords, you can go to it's old-fashioned way and try to get anyone to contact, you can slowly elevate the ranking ladder. Alternatively, you can use these high power technologies to quickly gain authority in the eyes of Google. Study your competitors and get a link from the top 100 sites

SEO Tutorial _seo Training _ Baidu Seo_seo System Course

Tag: Search engine navigation map SEO Tutorial Search RankingsCourse Catalogue:Lesson 1 1, Search engine overviewLesson 2 2, what is Search engine optimization (SEO)Lesson 3 3, search ranking weight factor analysisLesson 4 4, search engine working principleLesson 5 5, SEO Terminology and advanced search instructionsLes

Seo tutorial-Baidu weight requirements for website space, virtual hosts, and servers

Today, the SEO tutorial is based on yesterday's topic. We will continue to share with you the series of tutorial 2 on improving Baidu's weight. Today, our topic is Baidu's requirements for website space, virtual hosts, and servers. At this stage, many webmasters suffer a big loss, and too many webmasters choose low-quality hosts because they are cheap at the mome

queryphp Framework tutorial Three do SEO optimization with. html End Removal index.php solution

queryphp Framework tutorial Three do SEO optimization with. html End removal index.php Top two tutorials Http://topic.csdn.net/u/20100228/22/3bea834b-efc0-4aa0-af4a-a4923af8b60c.html Http://topic.csdn.net/u/20100226/12/43bf3dc5-795f-4fa5-861a-2f7bf8fd0cd6.html Download current version Http://code.google.com/p/queryphp/downloads/list Remove index.php Test Add a row to the C:\WINDOWS\system32\dr

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