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Install nagios monitoring in yum under centos6.5

Install nagios monitoring in yum under centos6.5 I. Nagios Server Installation 1. yum install-y httpd php mysql-devel 2. Install the nagios

Yum Install Nagios and Pnp4nagios

Environment: centos6.21. Download and install the Epel packageLinks Http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL2. Installing Nagios and pluginsYum Install Nagios Nagios-nrpe nagios-plugins*-y3. Start httpdService httpd Start;chkconfig http

Install and configure Nagios in Linux

NSCA must be installed on both the server and the client. Currently, Nagios can only be installed on a Linux host, and gcc is required for compiling. At the same time, if you want to use the web interface management tool, you also need support for the apache server and GD graphics library. Configure Mrtg in Ubuntu to monitor Nginx and server system resources Use snmp + Mrtg to monitor Linux systems Mrtg server construction (Network Traffic Monitorin

Install the nagios framework and the nagios framework

modules in Nagios) yum install gd-devel B. Install Nagios monitoring1. Create Nagios users and groupsCreate a Nagios account /usr/sbin/useradd -m -s /sbin/nologin

Loop and progressive Nagios --- operation: Install the Nagios Monitoring System

I. Preface: 1. Make sure that you have the root permission on the machine before installation. 2. confirm that the following software package has been installed on your installed linux system and continue. Gcc compiler, gd library and Development Library Note: You can use the yum command to install these software packages. type the command: Yum-y

Install and configure the Nagios Monitoring Service

dependency between Nagios installation: the running of the basic Nagios components depends on httpd, GCC, and GD. Run the following command to check whether the RPM package on which Nagios depends is fully installed: # rpm-Q httpd GCC glibc-common GD Gd-devel for missing RPM packages, you can use the RPM command to mount the disk for installation. If you do not

Install and compile the Nagios document quickly in CentOS 6.5

Install and compile the Nagios document quickly in CentOS 6.5 Install and compile the Nagios documentation-all virtual environments in CentOS 6.5. The purpose of writing this document is to facilitate and quickly deploy Nagios, which involves configurations that you like. Yo

Centos6.5-----Nagios Quick Install compilation configuration document-All virtual environments

The purpose of writing this document is to facilitate the deployment of Nagios, related to the configuration of personal preferences, we modify, can be applied.First, download and install the required software1,yum install gcc mysql httpd php gd OpenSSL openssl-devel mysql-server vim wgetWget http://prdownloads.sourcef

Install Nagios monitoring server and client

Nagios is a monitoring system that monitors system running status and network information. Nagios can monitor specified local or remote hosts and services, and provide exception notification functions. Nagios can run on Linux/Unix platforms, at the same time, an optional browser-based WEB interface is provided to facilitate system administrators to view the netwo

Install Nagios on CentOS7

method ); 7. You can define the event handle function to locate more problems when a host or service event occurs; 8. Automatic Log rollback; 9. Support and monitor the redundancy of hosts; 10. An optional WEB interface is used to view the current network status, notification and fault history, and log files. Ii. Install Nagios basic support kit and add users 1). installation kit #

Install and configure nagios in centos6.7

Install and configure nagios in centos6.7 Nagios is an open-source free network monitoring tool that can effectively monitor the status of Windows, Linux and Unix hosts, network settings such as vswitches and routers, and printers. If the system or service status is abnormal, an email or text message alert will be sent immediately to the website O M personnel. A

Install Nagios, an open-source free network monitoring tool

username (Nagiosadmin) And password, which you just set, use the browser installed by default in the system, and use the hyperlink below Http: // localhost/nagios/Note: if the error "You don't have permission to access/nagios/on this server" is reported, You need to installPhpThe plug-in can solve the problem by running the command yum

Install and configure Nagios in nagios 3.0

Install the nagios plugin tarzxvfnagios-plugins-1.4.11.tar.gz cdnagios-plugins-1.4.11 ./configure--prefix=/usr/local/nagios--enable-redhat-pthread-workaround makeall makeinstall A plug-in is a special program in computer software. It cannot be executed independently but must depend on a software. It can be called in other software e

Install nagios 4.0.8 on centos 6.5

Install nagios 4.0.8 on centos 6.5 Disable selinux Setenforce 0 The permanent method is Vi/etc/selinux/config The status changes to disabled. SELINUX = disabled You need to restart the server. Disable Firewall /Etc/init. d/iptables stop Delete firewall rules and restart Firewall Mv/etc/sysconfig/iptables/opt /Etc/init. d/iptables restart Install the epel update

Install and configure Nagios in Linux (1)

Nagios-Linux CentOS release 5.8 (Final) Nagios-plugins, nrpe Nagios-Windows Windows XP NSClient ++ The Server has installed nagios software to process the monitoring data and provides a web interface for viewing and managing. Of cours

Install FAN nagios on CentOS

Install FAN nagios on CentOS 1. FAN is a centos-based mini version system. You can directly download the iso image for installation. It can also be installed on the redhat platform. FAN 2.1 is generally installed on a 32-bit system on the redhat 5. x platform. Official Website: http://www.fullyautomatednagios.org/download/ 2. Configure the network and dns 1. network [Root @ oracle64 Desktop] # cat/etc/sysco

Install Nginx+nagios in Ubuntu

1. Nagios Installation # wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/nagios/nagios-3.2.2.tar.gz # tar ZXVF nagios-3.2.2.tar.gz # CD nagios-3.2.2 # useradd-m-s/bin/bash Nagios # Groupadd

Install and configure Nagios monitoring in Linux

Install and configure Nagios monitoring in Linux Nagios installation Configuration:Nagios http://www.nagios.orgEnvironment setup:CentOS6.6 serves as the server.Centos6.6 as the client 1. Install Nagios-server ('s default

Install Nagios in Ubuntu source code to monitor local hosts

Library GD library and development Library You can use the apt-get command to install these software packages. type the command: Sudo apt-get install apache2 Sudo apt-get install build-essential Sudo apt-get install libgd2-dev 3. operation process 1) create an account Switch to root user Sudo-s Create an account na

Nagios monitors servers that install ESXi (host)

/check_esxi_hardware.php#.VWV5_JCUfTAwhichRequirements-Python must be installed-The Python extension PYWBEM must be installedWindows users click here for a step-by-step the guide and the Install Python and PYWBEM on a Windows server.-If There is a firewall between your monitoring and ESXi server, open ports 443 and 5989These are the prerequisites for implementing monitoring:1.python must be installedExpansion pack PYWBEM for 2.python must be installed

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