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How to create a trigger in SQL Server Enterprise Manager

server|sqlserver| Triggers | creating The following describes how to create triggers using SQL Server Administration Tools Enterprise Manager and Transaction_sql in MS SQL Server.You must consider the following aspects before creating triggers:The

Using VC + + to control multi-drive

For beginners, writing a CD player may be a shortcut to getting started. The core of the CD player is the MCI command, and the articles on how MCI commands are used in various media abound, so I'll skip over them for the moment. Here, I would

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: Creating triggers

This article describes the concepts, roles, and basic issues of triggers, and we'll describe how to use SQL Server Administration Tools Enterprise Manager and Transaction_sql in MS SQL Server to create triggers separately. You must consider the

Traverse all files in a directory of Symbian

If you want to write a program that looks like a program manager, the first thing you need to do is to know what files are in a directory and then filter out the files you're looking for, as you'll find all the files in Symbian's directory. There

How to use Volinfo to get logical drives

1. How do I get a logical drive with Volinfo? 2. How to modify the system menu with C # programming? I'm trying to write an MFC program that lists the drives on the system (C:,D: etc.), and I also need to know if the drive is a hard drive or an

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