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Resolve whether MySQL is completely free software

 MySQL may not be very powerful, but because it is open source, widely spread, so many people are aware of this database. In today's world is a very popular open source database, some people say that MySQL is completely free software, this is not

Explain the MySQL 5.1 installation steps in Linux environment in detail

  1, download mysql free installation version/binary plate software (Do not compile) File format: mysql-version-os.tar.gz   2, the creation MySQL group, establishes the MySQL user and joins in the MySQL group (in different versions of UNIX, the

How to install multiple MySQL on Windows

This article is to avoid the installation version of MySQL (without installer) as an example of how to install multiple MySQL on Windows to explain. Install-free version of MySQL (without installer) with the filename of the installation package

Experience with MySQL (10) Common commands

MySQL View status ./mysqladmin-uroot-popen Extended-status Then grep for Shell programming Direct execution of EXTERNAL commands ./mysql-uroot-e "Show Master Status \g" Parsing SQL statements Explain ; Explain partitions ; View table

Free ASP Space Collection ~ ~

100masp+access,72 hours Open Service Introduction: Phidji provides 100M free homepage space, infinite flow, two domain name, file size can not exceed 1.5M (database is not limited), support FTP, logs (, online

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