. Net demon provides Visual Studio with continuous compilation and testing functions

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Spring data redis is part of the spring data umbrella project and aims to promote the use of non-relational databases in the spring environment (JPA/hibernate has been implemented. Its main goal is to ensure portability and consistency in spring Java applications. At the underlying layer, spring data redis provides a basic abstraction layer on top of each Java redis database. Developers face a unified spring redis API and can easily switch between multiple implementations (for example, for performance reasons ).

Spring data redis provides redisconnection, which is a transient, non-thread-safe connection abstraction for redis instances (similar to JPA entitymanager or hibernate session). It also provides redisconnectionfactory, it is used to create such a connection (similar to JPA entitymanagerfactory or hibernate sessionfactory ). These abstractions hide the actual implementation mechanism on the basis of the common programming interface. Considering the Java redis database supported by spring, red gate recently released. net demon, a New Visual Studio extension that can be continuously tested and compiled in the background.Code.

To support continuous compilation,. Net demon replaces the Visual Studio build system. To make this process faster, it will detect the part to be compiled, including the ApplicationProgramThe part that has been changed or can be affected by the change. The tool automatically saves the code when the developer enters the code.

For those who use nunit2.5.4 or later for unit testing,. Net demon adds the continuous testing feature for Visual Studio. When the code changes, unit test results and code coverage are displayed. (Whether or not unit tests are used, all other features of. Net demon are available .)

. Net demon can be used in all versions of Visual Studio 2010 except quick version. Although the full version of the software requires a fee, the current beta version has been available for free download at the red gate site and Visual Studio Gallery. .

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