10 Gb installation of Oracle in Linux

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I. experiment environment:

Virtual machine version: Workstation 6.5-7.0 virtual machine

RedHat version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga)

Kernel version: 2.6.18-164. el5

Log on to linux as a root user. The default language is English.

Oracle 10g software package. Decompress the package to the root directory of the system.

Create a local yum library and mount the image file of the CD.

Three disks, sda, sdb, and sdc, are mounted to the u01 directory, and sdc1 is mounted to the u02 directory.

Ii. Pre-installation steps:

The procedure of this test is based on the documents provided on the Oracle official website. Some steps can be omitted.

In linux, Oracle Installation requires high system requirements. Check the system before installation.

1. Check the physical memory and virtual memory. The physical memory should be at least 1 GB, and the virtual memory should be twice the physical memory.

(When the physical memory is less than 2 GB, the virtual memory is twice the physical memory; when the physical memory is greater than 2 GB, the virtual memory can be increased by 2 on this basis)

Physical memory

Basic-1024 MB recommended-MB

Memory swap partition to physical memory ratio

Physical memory MB ~ 2048 MB-200%

Physical memory: 2049MB ~ 8192 MB-100%

Physical memory greater than 8192 MB-75%

2. Check the size of the tmp directory.

The/tmp directory must contain at least MB of free disk space.

Based on the installation type, the partitions for installing the Oracle server software must have at least GB to GB of free disk space.

GB disk space is used for Database Pre-configuration file system storage (optional)

3. Modify the/etc/issue file and change the version number to 4.4. Currently, Oracle has only tested the version below 5.0. Since the system version number will be checked when you install Oracle later, it is best to change it to 4.4 to avoid any problems. After modification, view the information.

You can run uname-r to view the kernel version number.

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