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No industry has ever been able to attract so many talents like today's internet to venture in, the Internet has become the most competitive industry in the domestic market, a group of young friends have poured into the Internet business, and then the tragic fall, the probability of success less than 1/20. Here, I to the first to enter the Internet to start a friend to make 10 suggestions, hope that the Internet entrepreneurial friends can be less detours.

1. Project selection directly determine success or failure, the project to choose from a small, "only the industry can make a big business." First-time entrepreneurs are most likely to be greedy, big market is either currently immature, or a lot of strength enterprises are sharpening ready to enter, if you do not have sufficient resources to blindly enter the big market industry, then you have only one way is to become martyrs. China's 1.3 billion-person market, you even do the toilet site, can do the first can get a good revenue scale.

2. If you want to do your site to do the industry first, then you will be the industry's top talent recruit, and give the corresponding posts and rights, let him be dead set with you to start a business together.

3. Do not send too much hope to the investor at any time, unless he has put the money into your account, do not believe any verbal commitment, no legal effect.

4. humanized Management, cohesion Small team depends on the common goal and the boss of care, you only care, care staff he will spell life and you go into business together. Do not copy the management model of large enterprises, fine management is not suitable for you, and so you melt into the second venture to consider it.

5. Business model should not follow suit, you can control the mode of making money is suitable for your model, the industry many new concepts are industry enterprises for their own publicity needs to create, you do not have to go with the booing. If WEB2.0 swept for a while, the future will soon have 3.0, 4.0.

6. If your site can not make money in the short term or not to achieve profitability, then you must be better to a profitable business to maintain the project, whether it is a proxy Google ads, or in the company downstairs to sell lunch box, do business is always the first survival to talk about development.

7. Do business network is very important to make friends, to be good at with everyone you know to find cooperation opportunities, you may inadvertently know a person, you do not expect a cooperation will change your life.

8. The first venture you are the most important to accumulate talent, contacts and funds, the first venture for you regardless of success or not, not too important, as long as you have talent, but also accumulated network resources, you can be a comeback.

9. Always remember, to control their own desires, China in recent years the demise of many large enterprises have a very similar reason is that the helm can not control their desires, high-speed growth of China's Internet market will never lack the opportunity, but the lack of looking for their own opportunities to the eyes. Remember, if you are still small and thin, you will do a solid little industry, looking for an industry giant "can't see" direction to develop.

10. Success and failure are a process, there is no permanent success, there is no permanent failure, in China to achieve a successful enterprise often need many reasons, but a business by Sheng but often only need a reason. As long as you have a dream in mind, even if the start-up failed for a while, 3 years later you will be a hero.

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