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When we use the Windows XP operating system, the system slows down when we use it. When we look at "Task Manager", we find that the CPU usage reaches 100%. How did this happen? In this article, I will explain why the system resource usage reaches 100% from three aspects: hardware, software, and virus.

CPU usage is usually 100%, and the main problems may occur in the following aspects:

Nine possibilities of high CPU usage

1. Anti-virus software faults

The new versions of KV, Kingsoft, and rising all add random monitoring of web pages, plug-ins, and emails, which undoubtedly increases the burden on the system. Solution: Basically there is no reasonable solution. Try to use the least monitoring service or upgrade your hardware.

2. the driver has not been certified, resulting in 100% CPU resource usage

A large number of Beta drivers are flooding the Internet, leading to hard-to-find fault causes. Processing Method: especially for graphics card drivers, it is recommended that you use a Microsoft-certified or officially released driver and strictly check the model and version.

3. caused by viruses and Trojans

A large number of worms rapidly replicate within the system, resulting in a high CPU usage rate. Solution: use reliable anti-virus software to thoroughly clean up the system memory and local hard disk, and enable the system setting software to check for programs with startup exceptions. Update and Upgrade anti-virus software and firewall regularly to enhance anti-virus awareness and master the correct anti-virus knowledge.

4. Right-click Control Panel-Administrative Tools-SERVICE-rising realtime monitor service and choose manual.

5. Start->; Run->; msconfig->; Start, close unnecessary startup items, and restart.

6. view the "svchost" process.

Svchost.exe is a core process of Windows XP. Svchost.exe not only appears in Windows XP, but also exists in the Windows System Using ntinner. Generally, in Windows 2000, the number of svchost.exe processes is 2, while in Windows XP, the number of svchost.exe processes has increased to 4 and more.

7. View network connections. This is mainly for NICs.

8. View Network Connections

When a computer with Windows XP installed as a server receives a connection request from port 445, it allocates memory and a small amount of CPU resources to provide services for these connections. When the load is too heavy, the CPU usage may be too high, because there is an inherent trade-off between the number of work items and the response capability. Determine the appropriate MaxWorkItems settings to improve the system response capability. If the set value is incorrect, the server's response capability may be affected, or a user excludes too many system resources.

To solve this problem, we can modify the Registry: in the Registry Editor, expand the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServiceslanmanserver] branch, and create a New DWORD Value named "maxworkitems" in the right window. Double-click the value. In the displayed window, type the following values and save and exit:

If the computer has more than 1024 MB of memory, type "512"; if the computer memory is less than 256 MB, type ".

9. Check if the right-click Windows XP causes 100% CPU usage

Recently, I reported that right-clicking the resource manager will cause 100% of CPU resources to be occupied. Let's see what's going on?


In resource manager, When you right-click a directory or file, you may encounter the following problems:

Any file copy operation may stop at that time

The network connection speed will be significantly reduced

All stream input/output operations, such as using Windows Media Player to listen to music, may be caused by music distortion:

When you right-click a file or directory in the resource manager, the CPU usage increases to 100% when the shortcut menu is displayed, when you close the shortcut menu, the normal level is returned.

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