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1. Law 250

Rad believes that there are roughly 250 friends and family behind each customer. If you win the favor of a customer, it means you win the favor of 250 people. Otherwise, if you offend a customer, it means you offend 250 customers. In your website, a visitor may bring a group of visitors, and any website has a starting and developing process. This law is particularly important in this process.

2. Dawei's Law

Davedo believes that if an enterprise wants to take a dominant position in the market, it must first develop new products and eliminate its old products. Chinese websites are too follow-up, such as some time ago's lattice subnet, begging network, blog network, a success, and everyone is here. However, the actual effect is that the first famous one is often the most successful. Therefore, in website positioning, you need to use your own brains instead of picking up the remaining customers. Similarly, it is very bad to buy data sold by people to build websites.

3. Barrel Law

The Law of a bucket refers to how much water a bucket can hold depends entirely on the shortest board. This is a common problem that any organization may face, that is, the components that constitute an organization often determine the level of the entire organization. Are you sure you want to review your website at the worst speed? Worst artist? Worst publicity? What you need to do first is not to improve your strongest, but to be your weakest.

4. Matthew Effect

There is a story in the New Testament that a king gave each of the three servants a silver ingot before his departure and told them: "You are going to do business. When I come back, come and see me again ." When the king came back, the first servant said, "Master, I have earned 10 ingots for the silver ingot you gave us ." So the king rewarded him with 10 cities. The second servant reported, "Master, I have earned 5 ingots for the silver ingot you gave me ." The king rewarded him with five cities. The third servant reported: "The silver ingot you gave me, my master, I kept it in my towel. I was afraid of losing it and never took it out ." Then the king ordered the silver ingot of the third servant to be rewarded with the first servant and said, "If there are few, even all of his will be taken. If there are many, you have to give it to him to make him more beneficial ." This is the Matthew effect. In similar websites, the Matthew effect is obvious. A well-known community is easier to attract new customers than a new community. The implication is that if you cannot make your website bigger, you need to make a special assignment. It is easier to become bigger after the tutorial.

5. Watch Theorem

The watch theorem means that when a person has a table, he can know what time it is, but he cannot determine when he has two tables at the same time.
For a website, you only need to pay attention to your specific user group needs. Do not care about the opinions of irrelevant people.

6. invalid law

Not worth the law: not worth doing things, not worth doing well, not over Seo, if you do not want to only do the garbage station. Do not waste time beautifying and beautifying pages, optimize and optimize programs. After your website is profitable, you can submit these things to the technical staff.

7. Peter's principles

Lawrence Peter believes that in various organizations, employees tend to be promoted to an incompetent position because they are used to promoting competent personnel of a certain level.
Do not change the positioning of your website easily. For example, you can wait and see if you want to change the portal and make great entertainment.

8. zero-sum game principles

When you see two opponents, You can say they are playing "zero-sum games ". In most cases, there will always be one win and one lose. If we calculate the victory as 1 point and the loss as-1 point, then the sum of the two points is: 1 + (-1) = 0 don't keep your eyes on your competitive website, don't spend too much time grabbing its visitors. We use this time to find complementary cooperative websites and explore new visitors.

9. Washington cooperation rules

The law of cooperation in Washington says: one person is perfunctory, two people are mutually reinforcing, and three people will never be able to do anything.
If you look at the same direction, you can do it yourself. Do not look for your peers to engage in websites easily. Otherwise, you will find that the days seem to be getting faster and things are getting slower and slower.

10. Bonny human law

One person can dig a hole in one minute, but 60 people can't dig a hole in one second. Cooperation is a problem, and how to cooperate is also a problem. You need a plan.

11. bullfrog Effect

Put a bullfrog in a boiling water pan, and the bullfrog will jump out quickly. But when you put it in cold water, it will not jump out, and then slowly heat up. At first the bullfrog is out of laziness, there is no action. When the water temperature reaches its intolerable level, I think of it, but I have no strength. If you are Soho, pay attention to your finances. Don't wait until you have no money to learn how to earn it. You will find it harder to earn money at that time.

12. Mushroom Management

Mushroom management is a management method for many organizations to treat beginners. Beginners are placed in a dark corner (unvalued departments or jobs ), let's drop a piece of dung (without any criticism, criticism, and proxy efforts) and let them survive (without necessary guidance and support ).
After all, the website will encounter such a stage. If the search engine ignores you, the links cannot be found, and visitors cannot visit the site. This is training.

13. Occam's Razor Law

Do not add entities unless necessary.
The website is simple, simple, and practical, rather than fancy.

14. baledo's Law)

80% of the work you have done comes from 20% of your efforts, and 80% of your efforts only get 20% of the results.
Measure what you do at any time and which ones are most effective.

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