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When it comes to keywords, a lot of seoer must be feeling: "Come again." "As long as it is to do SEO, the concept of keywords is the basic knowledge." So now to talk about keywords, it is natural to be seen by others as a cliché. However, the author believes that keyword as the core of SEO, can be said, there are many. Now, I would like to talk about the new era of SEO keyword "can say."

The optional nature of the keyword

Want to do SEO, of course, must carefully choose keywords. But there are so many keywords, there is very strong optional. Also search for a result, you can use a lot of different keywords, so how to choose is a big problem. Seoer in the choice of keywords, must always consider, users will like what keyword, search will use what keyword and so on.

So, what kind of keyword users will like? ancient times, Zhuangzi and Keiko swim in the Hao Liang, Keiko said Chuang Tzu: "Zi not fish, Ann know the music of fish?" This sentence can also be used in seoer keyword selection. We are not users, how to know what words users like? However, although we are not users, but we can stand on the user's point of view, put yourself in the user's shoes. Only in this way, to find the real user for the keyword, to find the key words in the hearts of users, so as to make the key words to do a good job.

Users can be divided into two kinds of search, target search and non target search. For example, to search for a movie, such as The Lord of the Rings, The Lord of the Rings itself is, of course, the best keyword, and the ring of the rings naturally. But again, the protagonist's name is also one of the key words, there are some impressive words such as Gollum, White Wizard, these words are the category of optional words. Non-target search is another important search, and most people don't really know what they are looking for at times. For example, when boring, want to listen to music, but do not know what good songs, directly search the classic oldies, such as the vocabulary is actually a good keyword. Also want to see the news when the direct search "hot news" is also not targeted search, these words are very worthy of choice of keywords.

The competitiveness of key words

But now the seoer, do not know how to stand on the user's point of view to see the problem? We want to, others naturally also want to, this will inevitably appear crowding out phenomenon. The so-called a monk carrying water to drink, two monks to carry a drink, three monks have no water to drink. If there is such a phenomenon of crowding, then the competition must be quite tragic, we can not find anything good to go. Competitiveness and market saturation is inversely proportional to the market like what keyword, what keyword market saturation is small, this is the webmaster need to consider the problem.

For example, the beauty industry is certainly very hot, but, "beauty method" The word will be good to do? No, because the competition is too big, but will be buried by tens of thousands of competitors. Imagine, you do beauty, others do beauty, you do DIY, others do DIY, you do home, others do home. So, when the content is the same, how can you guarantee that you will stand out? Most of the seoer are entrepreneurs, there is no financial backing and no talent resources, in such a large competitive situation, how can the "Log bridge" peacefully? Therefore, at this time, the Sword Walk slant is the best choice. Avoid Sando Mamang, but find a safe road, although not so popular, but always someone needs.

The long-term development of key words

In addition, in the keyword selection, not only to find the words of the user's heart, Sword walk slant not compete with others, but also to see the long-term development of keywords. Now in this era of network prevalence, people have a herd mentality, the hot words are constantly. Today is this tomorrow and change that, netizens will always have enthusiasm, hot words are endless. Of course, hot words are definitely a good way to guide traffic, but are they really that simple? A popular vocabulary category of competition is self-evident, in such a brutal competition, and several sites can seize the opportunity? Secondly, for example, Rage's "Yuan Fang said" "Zhen 嬛 body", now still see? Long past the gas became a "cold cakes." The usefulness of these hot words is very short, therefore, in this situation, seoer to polish their eyes, not to be confused by the heat of the moment, to choose the true golden mean words. Has the development potential, the competitive power is moderate, has the long-term development space.

2013 under the new situation, how to use the key words

Now the network world surging, flowers no hundred Days red, the same practice can never do "a recruit fresh", the old method is not necessarily very useful. In this time, how should the correct use of keywords?

Seoer in editing the title and introduction of the time, it is necessary to know how to skillfully use the keyword, only so that Baidu will be high, ranking will be more forward. But this is not a rigid application, to understand the ingenious interspersed. For example, when you do Taobao guest site to do "Japanese sweater", in doing Atlas, it is necessary to "Japanese sweater" The key words cleverly interspersed in each position. In fact, this is a more practical thing, the light said not to do is ineffective, therefore, this also needs to seoer their own experience.

Summary: These four points look simple, but in fact it is not easy, the theory is simple, but the theory to practice, there is a long way to go. Entrepreneurial journey must be difficult and the dangers, only the real hard-working and brave people can pick to the success of Guizhi. Success is not so simple, but as long as you are willing to work hard, pay will be rewarded. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to sharpen their own, using a variety of strategies, to fight out their own vast sky. This article first A5,QQ net name (www.fzlpai.com) reprint please indicate the source.

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