2013 Reading Notes 1-dark time (Liu weipeng)

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Dark Time (Liu weipeng) Reading Notes

1. Early exit is the root cause of all failures

2. Interest is everywhere, and attention and perseverance are truly scarce.

3. reflection is the first step to change ourselves. We often find others' problems and others' mistakes, but it is difficult to find problems in our own thinking, because we seldom think about ourselves as our goal.

4. An interesting example is the donkey who starved to death in the middle of the straw. Some people postpone the decision because they cannot make the decision. However, the decision is actually the worst. I spent all my time on Selecting A or B. This time is not yours.

5. Entertainment is entertainment, and knowledge is knowledge. If you really want knowledge, you 'd better filter out the information you get and not live in others' thinking results. Never lose the ability to think independently.

6. Make the most active preparations and make the worst possible plans. Hope is a good thing; it is a bad thing to make hope bring anxiety about fear of disappointment.

"They always think that Christmas can be released, right? Christmas has not been put out; they want Easter to be put out; Easter has not been put out; they want Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. As a result, they are disappointed and then disappointed. They gradually lose confidence, coupled with the bad living environment, they are depressed." Stockdale said: "I have a strong belief in the long run. I believe that I will be able to go out and see my wife and children again. But I face up to the cruelty of reality ."

If a person loses confidence in his future, he has no hope. I'm so sad. The heart is dead, and people are finished. Remember that no matter what kind of attacks you have suffered in your life or what kinds of adversity you are facing, you must maintain a winning belief and be confident in your future; but real life is complicated and cruel. You must be able to face it directly. This is the stochdale paradox.

7. Do not do it because it may not succeed. It's not long for a lifetime, but it's enough for us to make some failed attempts.

8. In addition to talent, time is the only real wealth of mankind. There are too many things in your life that you don't need to be desperate to try a possibility of success for a lifetime. It may take only one or two years to know.

It is a pity that some people prefer to wait for a year or two.

Don't wait and see. Life is more dangerous than watching the stock market!

9. Life goes on, when encountering setbacks or choices, think about what situation you will be in a few years.

10. When you encounter problems, think about what can be changed, rather than thinking about what can't be changed.

11. Important things are preferred. Do not do anything that is not important. Urgency is not important. Sometimes urgency is only because the client feels that the task must be completed immediately or the other party is in a hurry. Many things do not have to be delayed or even necessary. A lot of things can be put first, otherwise they may be taken by the "urgent" thing every day, and there is no time to do really important things.

12. To College Students:

1) Why?

2) Why do I go to college to study abroad? learn foreign languages + take G points for postgraduate entrance exams with high scores... learn professional courses

3)... Skip course + Library + blog + Lab to engage in interpersonal relationships... the Student Union will make money... drop out of school to sell lunch boxes

4) The difference between a university and a high school cannot be determined by the teacher as to what you do (no chance to create opportunities)

5) if you are interested, it is worthwhile to take a few months off for six months. Otherwise, you may not be able to make up for it all your life.

Don't wait until 50 to go to China Talent Show to realize your childhood dream. It will be implemented in childhood.

6) read and learn some meta-knowledge (such as psychology and thinking ).

13. Good information and bad information. Features of good materials: Starting from the problem; focusing on the ideas behind the Method

(Rational), focusing on Intuitive interpretation, rather than technical details of the method; the time flow for the method to be invented

(First, what problems are encountered, then how to analyze, reason, and finally find the current method)

14. Life is full of surprise. The most economical solution to a problem may be to bypass the road, change the method, or outsource the problem to others.

This method is indeed desirable at work, because such short-term time costs are relatively small. But in the long run, you may encounter

This is not the optimal solution: Life is full of surprise. When you are looking for a solution, you will learn more than you think.

Other things will benefit you for a long time. Of course, this is not to say that you are going to learn all the problems you encounter when looking for a solution,

Depends on your interest and time.


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