2016 five trends in the development of China's call center Knowledge Base

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in the era of shortage economy, production is sales, as long as the production of products, whether good or bad, can always be sold out, later in the era of homogeneous competition, lower prices and increase the function will bring significant sales increase, so we see constant price war and functional innovation. In these two stages, the enterprise is not too concerned about the customer's needs and experience in nature, only need to mass production or reduce costs, enhance the function will have a steady flow of customers.

But now, times have changed!

From the beginning of the 2015, supply-side reform became hot words, on the one hand we produce a large backlog of product inventory high, on the other hand is a large number of people out of the border procurement. Coupled with the use of the Internet, big data and other technical means of popularization, we have really entered the "consumer sovereignty" era. In this scenario, the enterprise will really consider the user's needs and experience, which is directly facing the customer's call center, Customer Service Center is undoubtedly an opportunity and positive. But at the same time, the ability to call centers and customer service centers has made higher demands, are we ready to do so?

How will the future change as the knowledge base of the "brain" of the call center is addressed in this changing environment? Based on the practice and research of the Knowledge Management Center of China (Knowledge Management Center of China,kmcenter) Knowledge Base research and consulting team, Kmcenter to the 2016 China call Center Knowledge Base trends to make the following forecasts:

Trend one: Re-examine the call center Knowledge Base, from the front-line knowledge base construction operation to customer service full-function knowledge management

The management assumptions before the customer service industry are built on 2 foundations. The first is that China's labor costs are low, the work process is less complex and the repetition is high; the second is limited service, as long as provide customers with "almost" service. Since they have already bought, almost the service is the most economical way.

based on the first hypothesis, the core work of most customer service centers is characterized by the combination of large-scale recruitment and high turnover rate, extensive training and rigorous performance evaluation. Its management is more about employee control than empowerment (Empower). With the increase of labor cost in recent years, it is impossible for Customer service center to use the number of personnel to compensate for the inefficiency of management, meanwhile, the development of AI and its application in customer service center are making most of the simple and repetitive work machine. In this context, the management of the Customer service center is faced with the requirement of change, and the core of the change lies in the reliance on knowledge and knowledge workers, whose efficiency comes from the improvement of their ability and the performance of knowledge work, which essentially requires the internal experience to be precipitated, the best practice is collated, and the common experience and lessons are combed to efficiently reuse. Achieve the overall operational efficiency improvement. In our consulting practice also found that even the problem of a first-line knowledge base, but the underlying cause of the problem is in the backstage management, so-called "one will be incompetent, exhausted the armed forces."

based on the second hypothesis , the customer experience is a trivial matter. But now the situation has changed, through social media and internet means, a dissatisfied customer can influence the scope of more and more wide. And as consumption escalates, people are more demanding about the experience, and they are willing to pay for it, and the call center is one of the most important channels for insight and understanding of customer needs. Sales, marketing, public relations, customer service, investor relations, etc. constitute a large customer service line, they common sense of customer dominance and potential demand, become the core power source of enterprise innovation and upgrade.

Trend two: Customer demand for knowledge content to evolve to level two: finer granularity fragmentation and complex problem-based content scenario reorganization

In different scenarios, the customer's needs vary greatly, sometimes ta just need you to give him a word, a number or even a "yes" or "no" judgment, you say any word ta will feel very annoying. No shortage of all kinds of official accounts on the Internet no matter what the type of problem, regardless of the size of the problem is a set of stylized rhetoric. At this point, customers need to fragment the knowledge base content, and the smaller the granularity of fragmentation, the better. But now most of our knowledge base programs are organized in document form rather than organized by "knowledge points", which makes it impossible for customer service staff to be simple or simple.

Another scenario is that the customer's problem and its causes are very complex, to address such requirements may involve product dimensions, policy dimensions, management dimensions, technical dimensions, and so on several or even 10 dimensions of the corresponding content. The current knowledge base is completely helpless on such issues, relying only on the experience and presence of the agents, and on the ability of the service personnel to claim too much. For this kind of problem, whether can achieve customer satisfaction and good experience, only rely on luck. From the point of view of knowledge management, this situation needs to set up the scene content organization in sequence based on the importance of the scene, and make up the problem that the service level cannot be guaranteed by the service personnel ability and the spot play.

In the organization of knowledge content, based on the common demand of intelligent customer service and artificial customer service, the construction of vocabulary and subject will become the hotspot of Advanced Customer Service center.

Trend three: The upgrading of Knowledge base system, the traditional knowledge base system and function have not adapted to the demand of the new era.

Call center Knowledge Base software and systems are mostly derived from the traditional document management (DM), Content Management (CMS) platform, and these platforms appear mostly to manage unstructured documents, pictures, videos and other content, more is the face of product design and research and development personnel, marketing and sales personnel, Human resources management, such as more need to work together and more complex knowledge-based staff, and call center Knowledge Base has its own particularity: in most situations it rarely requires lengthy, the customer is very little interested in research products and services, TA only need to solve the problem at that time, local problems or clarify the situation. At the same time, the call center Knowledge Base should also consider the robot that supports artificial intelligence, the external content of the knowledge base which is used directly for customer self-help, and the consistency of knowledge content in different channels.

Under such differentiated demand, the users of the traditional call center Knowledge Base system are dissatisfied with the system, reflect the bad use, not support their management requirements and so on. This means new opportunities for Call center knowledge system vendors, and new systems require more granular levels of knowledge, allowing for easier re-organization of scenario-based fragmentation knowledge.

Trend four: The client's knowledge production will attract attention. To conduct research on customer inquiries, issues, complaints, and to develop new knowledge of production, service itself and other business units.

Most of the customer service Center's knowledge production is provided by various business, functional departments to provide raw materials, customer Service center Knowledge Base team in accordance with the requirements of the Knowledge base format and customer demand for pre-sentence editing content, in the application of the revision, basically this process is to stand in the official position.

This means that the customer needs to understand less, long-term pursuit of the knowledge base content of the customer can not be landed: The customer service representatives think that the knowledge base does not have the content they need (in most cases is actually exist), but the customer language and the official language system is different, the description of different ways, the need for customer service representative "translation" has a high ability to rely on experienced customer service personnel.

The presentation of customer questions, complaints, ideas, and even subtext is also an important piece of knowledge, with little attention and handling of this type of knowledge, which is also the basis for intelligent customer service, and more customer service centers begin to focus on the refinement, collation and insight of this knowledge in more than 2016 years. In addition to service in the call center itself, but also for the market, research and development departments to provide support for decision-making to avoid the call center to guard the plight of the beggar.

Trend Five: The external knowledge base, so that the knowledge accumulated by the enterprise directly serve users without "intermediary", improve customer satisfaction.

According to the data of Zendesk 2013, more than 50% of customers want them to solve their own problems without having to communicate with the official; Gartner, a well-known market research firm, predicts that more than 85% of the problems and puzzles of customers by 2020 will not come into contact with the company's customer service staff and be self-help.

In a new environment, the typical way customers encounter most problems is not to call, but to discover the information and knowledge they need in their own ways. They may ask their friends and relatives, log in to the official website of the enterprise, search with search engines, ask questions on the website, and watch videos. So how to help customers to solve problems before they find a business, to become a good customer service center must consider the issue, which is to build a better customer experience way.

There are many enterprises at home and abroad have been processing their own internal knowledge base (de-dense, the language of the client, better content organization, etc.) directly to external customers, easy to find them, by themselves to solve their own puzzles and problems, only in the special complexity of the use of artificial channels. There are also some excellent customer service center recorded video to solve customer problems, upload to the third party video platform (Youku, Iqiyi, etc.), so that customers do not come to the official website can also solve their own problems, harvest high customer satisfaction. (This article by the Chinese Knowledge Management Center Knowledge Base Research and the advisory team publishes, the well-known knowledge management expert, Kmcenter Director Tianzhigang co-ordination, you can contact him by the number (17331899). Send "2016 call center " or "2016callcenteR" to: Kmcenter, you can get the content of this article! )

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2016 five trends in the development of China's call center Knowledge Base

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