3 final faces and 3 failures-the enterprise needs not the strongest people, but the most appropriate people. !)

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The author's experience is also similar to the interview experience of many software engineers. It is well summarized and I hope that new graduates will encourage each other.



The next semester's job search kicked off. In the first battle, I lost two consecutive victories after I fell to the island of jizi years ago. I hereby write this article to commemorate my failure and summarize my experience.

Let's briefly introduce the following three companies:

1. Antai chemical, to be honest, I have been thinking about this company for a long time. I feel that I have made no mistakes, and his BS is really puzzled.

2. jizhi Island is the company I interviewed before the New Year. The reason for the failure is similar to that of the following companies.

3. Jin Ouli marketing in Qingdao, I have a relationship with this company. Their core team came out of Tsingtao Beer. Before that, they gave up the offer of Tsingtao Beer, mainly because they did not agree with their management system.

In the face of three setbacks, my interview experience is summarized as follows:

1. Theoretical knowledge has always been a weakness of mine. During the Kingsley interview, I was asked to give my views and opinions on my favorite book. At that time, because I did not read many books, I was very helpless and nervous. Basically, I was speechless. the most troublesome thing was that I knew my biggest weakness, but I could not overcome it at the moment, because the theoretical knowledge can be enhanced at half past one.

2. Performance of the interview. I often find a problem. When I talk to my classmates after the interview, I feel that they are not so competent in the interview, I even feel that some of my colleagues are somewhat immature in dealing with practical problems, but I cannot see them during the interview. This proves that some people have a very strong performance in the interview, and they usually have a similar experience, the interview is similar. This proves that,No matter who you are, if you want to go to the company, you have to act during the interview. The better the acting skills, the more chance you will get the offer.

3. Interview mentality. In my last two failed companies, I reflected on my mentality and there was indeed a big problem. As I entered the company's final position, I felt that I had a unique ability and wanted to get this job. Instead, I had a gap with other interviewers. I always thought they were my opponents, I want to defeat them. In fact, this mentality is wrong. Instead, the interviewer misunderstands that I am a person without team spirit. In fact, in addition to the ability and eloquence of a person, more importantly, a person's mentality. Due to my wrong attitude, I was unconventional. I wanted to find a different way of expressing myself and others. When the other party disagreed with me, I had a silly debate on him, I thought that as long as I beat my opponent, I would be able to get an offer. In fact, the group should be cooperative and win-win. So in the future interview, I will eliminate my own idea of competition and quote one sentence from my classmates:Interview for interview.

4. In fact, I really want to go back to the interview with tsinge beer. I reflected on it. Low-key is the best. Do not show yourself too strong or show your expectations too high, make enterprises think they can't keep you. The reason for the failure in the interview with Antai chemical was probably that I had exaggerated the company too much. I often called them large enterprises. During the interview, I heard one of their employees say in a whisper: in fact, our company is not as large as you think. I did not agree with one sentence:What enterprises need is not the strongest person, but the most suitable person.. Now I finally figured it out. The more powerful the martial arts experts are by referencing martial arts novels, the more people seem to be incompetent. This is because they have reached a level that can be "low-key, hiding your kung fu will not make people afraid. The truth is the same during the interview. The strongest person knows how to dress himself up as a suitable person for the company. Those who look at other strong people are actually not familiar with the real needs of the company.

5. Do not be misled by interviews with foreign companies. Many people have mentioned an example of success without risks. For example, if you disagree with a leader and raise your disapproval, you will receive the attention of the leader. I think there will be a great opportunity to get the opposite effect. During the interview, I raised a question about their company's store expansion. During the interview, I questioned a certain point of view about their marketing. I think that, in fact, there is almost no chance of being recognized by the leaders. I would like to ask which of the following questions will the leaders be willing to be challenged by our inexperienced graduates? In addition, if you question the leadership, it means that you do not agree with the company's culture or the company's development route. In this case, do the company need to hire you back to do things?

Here, I want to talk about a very important issue, that is, when we apply for a job as a freshman, we should understand that,Why do enterprises need us?. Manager Hu of Jin Ouli answered this key question: enterprises need our new graduates, what you care about is not your past experiences and abilities (except for small businesses that are money-oriented, business-oriented, or simply sales-oriented), because if you care about these things, enterprises do not need to hire new graduates, but to find people with work experience. So,The biggest reason why an enterprise wants to hire a fresh graduate is that it attaches importance to your development space and mentality. As long as you have a certain foundation and a solid mentality, it will certainly contribute to the long-term development of the enterprise in the future.

To sum up, you can see your abilities and attitudes at the beginning.

The job interview process is really mature. Some people have never experienced any setbacks due to good luck or good relationship. That's your pity.

Here, I would like to remind you that even if you feel that you are not competent enough to make a big company out of your skills, you must make a vote, in this way, you can grow from failure and know the size of the world from other competitors.




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