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The book to be read-Bacon said: history makes people wise, poetry makes people smart, computing makes people sophisticated

Two books: The power of the moment and the New World: spiritual awakeningComputer Network PrincipleComputer Programming ArtMotivation PsychologyHow to solve itThink like a layman, practice like an expert -- the path to scientific research

Summarizing Web Data Mining technology tutorial

First, data mining Data mining is an advanced process of using computer and information technology to obtain useful knowledge implied from a large and incomplete set of data. Web Data mining is the development of data mining and the application of

Computer vision in the field of some Cattle people blog, research institutions and other web links

The following links are the web links I have organized about computer vision (Computervision, CV) related fields, including the CV-OX homepage, the CV Research Team homepage, the paper in the CV field, the code, the latest developments in the CV

To keep people from seeing my Web page. Method Rollup for source code

Web page | source code   1, add the following code to the between Heml.................................................................  2, prohibit the view page source codeTrue to achieve the source code shielding simple. htm is impossible! To

Java Web Learning (2): Static and Dynamic Web pages

a static web page (1) static Web page Overview In web design, a Web page in pure HTML (an application under the standard Universal Markup Language) is often referred to as a "static page", and a static web page isA standard HTML file whose file

Your positioning, your life--interpreting the direction of it people

Direction First, about the direction of enterprise computingEnterprise Computing (Enterprise Computing) is a slightly fashionable and pleasant term, mainly refers to enterprise information systems such as: ERP Software (Enterprise resource planning),

A lot of people like PHP: On the WEB 2.0 times PHP status

With the advent of the so-called WEB2.0 era, programmers have never been the same as today's attention, many programmers on the language of the controversy has never been as fierce as today, JAVA, C + +, PHP, ASP, and so on, recently came out a ruby,

Web Design tips: Design care for special people

Article Description: Web Design tips: Special crowd design care. December 2010, Thomas was invited to participate in the China Interactive Design Experience Day Congress, launched a main title titled "Special Crowd Design care" speech.

[Introduction to ASP. NET] story about thin and fat people-programming environment and tasks for web programmers

Stories about thin and fat people-- Web programmer's programming environment and tasks Feng Xiaocai once translated a story about a friend in Yicheng. One is surprisingly fat, and the other is incredibly thin. At first, the fat man became popular.

How people look at web sites

To create the right visual hierarchy, you need to understand how our eyes handle information, Uxpin's Chris Bank said. Chris Bank, from uxpin--, a wireframe, prototype app, explains the principles and conventions of creating visual levels in Web UI

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