The book to be read-Bacon said: history makes people wise, poetry makes people smart, computing makes people sophisticated, philosophy makes people profound, ethics is solemn, logical rhetoric makes people debate.

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Two books: The power of the moment and the New World: spiritual awakening
Computer Network Principle
Computer Programming Art
Motivation Psychology
How to solve it
Think like a layman, practice like an expert -- the path to scientific research success
Emotional expressions of humans and animals
Mean Genes
Decision Making and judgment
Predictably Irrational
Source of desire

Weird Psychology
Current Power

Self-slowness: Notes for growth from employees to General Managers

Path and dream

Influence (talk about the style of study and discussion: trust, questioning and communication)

Influence 2


"Win or lose" is very good. It can be used as a sales material. I have benefited a lot from the "x-dragon-6" style in it.
The title of cainiao in the workplace is quite good. many books in the workplace talk about high-level management. This article describes how the newly graduated college students step by step to the top level, which is very good.
Reading this book, I have learned a lot about office politics and interpersonal relationship management. At the same time, the promotion track of Du Lala is also a good model to learn.
The "headhunting board middle office" is also relatively high-level, but this book focuses on headhunting, that is, human resources, and has learned a lot. At the same time, this book has a series, which is closely related to Shen Yu's "9 to 5". The sequence is "a spring dream in Guangzhou"-"headhunting Bureau"-"9 to 5". Among them, headhunting 2 is about to go public soon, and 9-9-2 is under planning...
There are three "circle traps" in total. Are you ready to see them? What about sales? I think it's good to say that I hope I can learn something.
Q Ding is said to be a workplace novel specially designed for men to enjoy...

Bacon said: history makes people wise, poetry makes people smart, computing makes people sophisticated, philosophy makes people profound, ethics is solemn, logical rhetoric makes people debate.

Indian Slang: sowing an idea, harvesting an action, sowing an action, harvesting a habit, sowing a habit, harvesting a character, or sowing a character, harvest a fate;

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Feng Lun, brutal Growth
Potential rules Wu Si
Http:// Bookid = 100882 & page = 3
The art of thinking by Li tianwei
Technology of thinking
The ancient books with good mood and thoughts
If you want to learn more about people and human organizations, you can look at the data in organizational behavior.

Distant savior

Akita Tactics

Now, discover your advantages
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Electric awakening

Out of control: the ultimate fate and outcome of all mankind (the most intelligent and valuable book in the past decade, strongly recommended by the author of Long Tail theory)
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PHP 5 authoritative Programming
Http:// Product_id = 20101866 & ref = search-1-Pub
MySQL developer SQL authoritative guide
Http:// Product_id = 20076160 & ref = search-1-Pub
PHP and MySQL web development
Http:// Product_id = 20546846 & ref = search-1-Pub
MySQL technology insider InnoDB Storage Engine
Http:// Product_id = 20988889 & ref = search-1-Pub
Linux Server SETUP
Http:// Product_id = 20416388 & ref = search-0-mix
Http:// Product_id = 9009396 & ref = search-1-Pub

The lamb of silence
From to infinity
FBI analysis

Five people you met in heaven
One-day rebirth

It is easier to learn the knowledge that is similar to your own life, work, and environment. A little farther away, it will be much slower to absorb and consolidate it!

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