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Is it Softswitch or IMS mobile core network "transformation"

do some work in the whole industry chain, value chain, and standard improvement, and experts and people in the industry need to discuss it together. In this case, the mobile operator should take into account both the long-term strategy and the short-term goal, and work out a plan for the evolution of the mobile network to the NGN network based on the IMS architecture based on the current product technical

Introduction to functions and entities of IMS networks

Http:// 2.2 IMS entity and Function Description This section describes IMS entities and key functions. These entities can be roughly divided into six categories: session control and routing entity family (cscfs), Database entity (HSS, SLF), and interconnected entity(Bgcf, mgcf, im-MGW, SGW), service-related entities (application server, mrfc, mrfp), s

Analysis of key technical issues of IMS-based network convergence

Analysis of key technical issues of IMS-based network convergence Font Size:SmallMediumLarge|PrintRelease: Author: webmaster Source:Network reposted: 78 timesThe emergence of Softswitch technology has led to the adoption of Softswitch technology for the integration of core control layers. However, due to the large differences in fixed and mobile Softswitch functions and protocols, Softswitch has become the focus of control layer integration. The possi

IMS-oriented brew

In the development trend of network convergence, 3GPP, ETSI and ITU-T are both studying the IMS-based network convergence Scheme, which aims to make IMs a general platform based on SIP session, it also supports various fixed and mobile access methods to achieve convergence between fixed and mobile networks. For example, the integration of mobile network, PHS and fixed network resources to provide voice data

A Preliminary Study of IMS service provision Method Based on SIP Application Server

Abstract: IP MultimediaSubsystem ( IMSThe user plane, control plane, and business plane are separated to facilitate the provision of services to users. This article will focus on analysis SIPApplication Server(SIP as) Issues related to the IMS service provision process, including the general process, billing functions at the business layer, and technical difficulties provided by the Service, analytics is based on a specific service (Message Service) p

Brew advanced and proficient-3G mobile value-added business operation, customization and Development serialized 29-IMS-oriented brew

In the development trend of network convergence, 3GPP, ETSI and ITU-T are both studying the IMS-based network convergence Scheme, which aims to make IMs a general platform based on SIP session, it also supports various fixed and mobile access methods to achieve convergence between fixed and mobile networks. For example, the integration of mobile network, PHS and fixed network resources to provide voice data

IMS-based business applications

IMS-based business applications IMS multimedia subsystem is a complete solution that supports real-time And customizable multimedia services from the SIP service to. It supports running multiple sip sessions at the same time on a single terminal and creates a new data service, it will build a Unified IP-based application platform for all IP networks in the future,

WEBRTC access to IMS core network scheme

This article original from Http:// reprint annotated source.WEBRTC Client access to the IMS network, to achieve interoperability with the IMS client, because the standard difference requires a gateway device, Telemedia Media Server to achieve this function, responsible for WEBRTC media layer conversion, including DTLS-SRTP to RTP, and opus to g729/ g711 conversion, Ice-lite support, S

Overview of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) [LTE self-training]

Summary: Core platform of 3GPP, First released by 3GPP Release 5, in order to enhance packet-switched domain (UMTS) in supporting IP multimedia services. Providing back compatibility to circuit-switched domains and functionality to other IMs domains. Nowadays, IMS provides access to Internet services (e.g. email, VoIP, video, etc) overdifferent network

Details on SIP Protocol extensions in IMS

I believe that you have mastered the basics of IMS and SIP protocols and some precautions. These contents are also described in two articles, "briefly describing the SIP protocol in IMS" and "Problems Existing in IMS and SIP. Next we will explain the SIP Protocol extensions in IMS. 1. SIP Compression The session creati

IMS core network architecture

Document directory Application plane Control Plane User plane The IP-Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) defines the functional architecture for a managed IP-based network. it aims to provide a means for carriers to create an open, standards-based network that delivers integrated multimedia services to increase revenue, whileAlso indexing network CAPEX and OPEX. IMS was originally designed for third-generatio

Network security and IMS Security Mechanism

with an HMAC. HMAC is formed in this way: first, a data structure is established, which includes Alice's temporary value, Bob's temporary value, their identification, and shared secret key KAB; then hash the data structure and the hash result is HMAC. When Alice received message 2, she now had the identity of Ra, Rb, both sides, and secret key KAB, so she could also calculate HMAC. if the calculated HMAC is the same as the HMAC in the message, she knows that she is talking to Bob. Alice also

Brief Introduction to the SIP protocol in IMS

I believe everyone is in touch with the SIP protocol. In the previous article, we also discussed the content of the SIP protocol. If you are not clear about it, you can review it a little. We know that the SIP protocol has a huge development potential in the network communication field. Here we will explain the content of the IMS and SIP protocols. 1. Brief Introduction to IMS and SIP protocols The IP Multi

Is it a management Information system (MIS) or information management systems (IMS)?

Is it a management Information system (MIS) or information management systems (IMS)?650) this.width=650; "alt=" Picture "src=" dr9bsoadndchcwmmii9lzbdmhpnzakvlrcno.jjibxs%21/o/dpdurha6dwaaek=1kp=1pt=0bo= Xae5afwboqadacu%21su=196687585sce=0-12-12rf=2-9 "style=" width:348px;height:57px; "/>In fact, this is a very simple problem, but so far a lot of information-based

Recruitment: 3 developers for the MAPGIS-IMS platform and 1 MAPCAD map editor

Recruitment company: huakelida Information Technology Co., Ltd. Location: Beijing nature of work: WebGIS ProgramDevelopment and map editing (Information Point update) Contact: MSN: application requirements: 1. 3 developers on the MAPGIS-IMS platform. 1. engaged in the development of the MAPGIS-IMS platform. 2. Familiar with large database SQL Server or Oracle, proficient

Integration of IMS and home gateway

IMS:As a next-generation multimedia network, Ms completely isolates access, control, and applications, providing a general business platform for future multimedia applications. Dlna :(The digital life network alliance was founded in 2003 and its predecessor was the Digital Home Workgroup (dhwg ). Its members share a common vision: To establish an interoperability network for centralized management of personal computers (PCs), household appliances (CE), and mobile electronic devices inside and ou

Objective-C Qiqiao technology-IMS

Objective-C Qiqiao technology-IMS Technical lust refers to technologies and products that are too clever and useless.IMS refers to the Instance Method Swizzling, And the Instance Method is obfuscated.The following code is an example of an Instance Method Swizzling and a Method Swizzling: // Man. m-(void) run {NSLog (@ "% s, % @", _ func __, _ name) ;}- (void) jump {NSLog (@ "% s, % @", _ func __, _ name);}-(void) handsUp {NSLog (@ "% s, % @", _ func _

Doubango Sip/IMS registration process

I have developed custom Sip/IMS video clients, and supported voice, video, and instant communication functions. The video formats support h263, h264, and MPEG4 soft decoding, and provide hardware coding/decoding interfaces, provide servers. If you are interested, please contact me. Registration process (Java --> C ++ --> C) Register (ngnsipservice. Java) | Register (ngnregistrationsession. Java) | Register _ (sipsession. cxx) | Tsip_action_register

OBJECTIVE-C Kit Kat Kinky Technology--ims

Replacementsel:(SEL)replacement{Class Newclass = Objc_allocateclasspair([object class], "MySubClass", 0); Objc_registerclasspair(newClass); Method A = Class_getinstancemethod(NewClass, original); Method B = Class_getinstancemethod([object class], replacement); If(class_addmethod(Newclass, original, method_getimplementation(b), Method_ Gettypeencoding(b))){Class_replacemethod(NewClass, replacement, method_getimplementation(a), method_gettypeencoding(a) ); } else {Method_exchangeimplementations(A

Network integration of video surveillance services based on Ngn/ims (SIP Protocol) communication Platform

I. Overview Review the video surveillance market, the monitoring platform system used by the signaling control protocol is not unified, resulting in the interconnection of the technical threshold. This is a bit similar to the 80 's China's switch market eight system of the situation. These reasons hinder the network era of large-scale carrier-level video surveillance, remote access, centralized management needs. The industry has explored two ways to solve the problem: From the monitoring industr

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