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With the customer also reached a unanimous opinion, I also think, it is such a simple thing, Shine can be done. Or secretly happy for a moment,
Have not played such a small project for a long time, little projects have a sense of accomplishment, but relatively simple, is also a result of things.

Price agreed well, the network center of the teacher, take me to that department to understand the customer's real situation, the customer gave me a demonstration of the old system, wow, function
Where is so easy ah, a rough number of the "in-receipt function, overseeing the function, powerful in-query function, in-turn reading function, round to read reminders,
The dispatch function, the powerful dispatch inquiry function sorting function, the official document serial number produces the function, the dispatch has the dispatch category, in the in-receipt type, the Official document CC list function "
See here, my heart some empty, so many functions, and that peacetime use this software person, the operation is simply the same speed, full keyboard operation, function
Very coherent, and the demand is more clear. All right, that's all you need to do to upgrade.

Words also say to go, the ox also blew, can not run now. I ruthless a little heart, it is my own planted it, anyway, the accumulation of a lot of the evening overtime
What, get out of the original is to give the company a small project, Toad is meat, make a little bit.

I put some of the screen manually recorded in the way, are recorded, what documents are, what data need to input, what the need to function, and so, in the mind,
Some hard work, get it done, less rest time.

Once said each round, not only ran once the meaning, is at least ran once meaning, the government unit person, does not bother to communicate with you the mail to go, the others need
Is thoughtful service, face-to-face communication efficiency is high, the communication error is relatively small, and the project in the local, run a trip is also easy.

[First round]
Back to the company, with the company's leadership report a bit, said the education bureau to a very simple software, half less than can be done, customers are not willing to pay how much money,
I will be 8,000 yuan promised them to do one, our leader good, said that then get it, anyway is a small project, function is not much, in fact at this time I was afraid
Say actually the function is quite many, that how to talk so a little money is right.

I think the database with SQL Server bar, the project is not very small, to do a web version, after a week, I put the customer needs of the functions are made, to the customer
To demo, customer satisfaction, began to my impression of a lot better than the last to attitude a lot better, then, they said that the previous software printing features did not, with
Uncomfortable, they and want to have the printing function, that does not add money to die, this function is not mentioned at that time, and print in the web is still very frustrating things,
To add money, also can, they said, would like to lead, as long as the use of comfortable money to say, there is this sentence, I feel more comfortable, after all, is a dignified Ningbo education Bureau
It should not be so little money.

[Second round]
Went back to get 3 days, the 3 of the printing they need to set up, I also test print 10 times, printing is still very comfortable, and I have to do a night
The problem of the direct printing of the web to solve, the printing function to achieve good, I gave them to demonstrate, they have a lot of detail features, I think they agreed to add money
There should be no problem, so many of the details that they raised were settled later.

[Third round]
At this time, they finally tell the truth, the former FoxPro software is the Department of Education within the people wrote, when that person often go to that sector, with them
Communication, that small software, modified before and after 3 years, only to the current level, and then now operate the software of the people, is using this small software has been 5 years,
So any operation details, there are a lot of requirements, to meet his habits, such as shortcut key settings, the location of the cursor, carriage return processing, page jump,
Query optimization, specific requirements, and many many, I have to do the development of 10 years, and almost every day, he's these things, I have to toss good, has been half a month
Passed, and beyond my estimate was already 1 time times over.

[Fourth round]
They look at the program, also good, really want to use the new software, they said, to the previous ten years of data entry needs to import, I think this demand
is also reasonable, otherwise people that old computer scrap, the data how to check. The new system on the line is to eliminate the old computer ah, I anyway FoxPro also familiar with, well,
I installed my own computer Visualfoxpro analysis of the database structure, data, I have a big head, the data inside a lot of ah, there are 300,000, and the rigorous data
Sex does not engage in, import SQL Server is not at all so simple, fortunately, the level of my database is a certain height, toss for 3 days, wrote n multiple scripts, and finally put the old number
According to the library import problem solved.

[Fifth round]
They bought a new computer, there's nothing in it, install IIS. NET operating environment, configure the network, and then the database installed, and then deploy the program well, and solve a lot of
Permission configuration issues and other related issues, but also debugging printers, in short, a full toss of the day, can be the old system of data import well, the new system can run up, has to
Time off, the Education Bureau teacher said, the new system to test for a period of time, in order to formally use the old system still need to use, some days need to be officially online,
Data needs to be imported again, because the new system can not confirm whether it really works, and then put a function, formerly stand-alone version, now want to network version, usually this
Software is a teacher to operate, another teacher also occasionally operation, often also need to query data, used to copy the software, and now want to use directly in this, fainted
It's not a stand-alone version. Now it's a network version again. Again, downstairs there is a department of teachers often need to query data, but can not add changes, can only query,
Wow, that also requires permission control. This is exactly the same as developing a large application, and I emphasize that this is a need for extra money. The client says no problem, they will go to the leader
Feedback, I need to make a report on the workload, to the leadership audit.

In fact, said here, back and forth ran more than 5 rounds, but fortunately the project in the Ningbo district, usually do the bus can, say exaggerated some, if you usually drive, oil money
It will take thousands of dollars, I continue to say development.

[Sixth round]
After a trial period of time, the customer put a lot of details, some of which are, it is simply to human life, is a number of details on the treatment, as well as the details of the operation of the keyboard, fortunately
My JavaScript ability is also very strong, after a dead end of the improvement, finally put the details of the changes are good, I went to the official line to the customer, the day-to-day processing of customers,
Almost uninterrupted, he gave me 1 hours, said 4:30 will be very busy at the beginning, you have to do everything before 4:30, oh, really not blowing, my hands
Ability is super powerful, but in 1-2 hours, the hundreds of thousands of records are processed to import good, the old and new systems are connected well, several computers toss to toss, it is not open
Jokes, my own development of the computer, the customer's old system, the customer's new system, the heart will be tired of the same fight for every second time, almost no mistake, put the system past
Come on, upgrade good, customer use can also, they have to receive dozens of documents a day, to 1 hours in less than the time to handle all these, so the operation of the software
The detail requirement is very high, what is called the expert. is in receipt of the work, done more than 5 years, daily operation of dozens of documents to send and receive, to close to 10 leaders methodically put the document
CC work well, this is called experts, to the experts to do software. Easy. Why this software can use 10 years, why upgrade several times failed. Because the customer has a lot of details
Processing requirements, the average person is not up to.

[Seventh round]
I think we can finally get the project ready. Customer said, also need statistical function, fainted, the method of statistics has nearly 10 kinds, I can talk about the project price problem AH. I have
It's been 1 months and months now, how much do you pay me? Let me have the number ah, how can I explain to the leadership ah. I work for a day, there are costs, our company normal
Every day is 800 yuan, like me this level is 1200 yuan above kind of quotation, I do a few days, will be full of work for 2 months, 2 months with 1200 yuan/day, this cost well tens of thousands of.
8,000 of things, has not been a number level, the customer said, you have to do a good job to talk about adding money, I faint, the government department is Cow b Ah, I can only bite the bullet.

[Eighth round]
Another 1 weeks, the statistical function has been made, and then a list of workload, so that the 3 functions extended out of the workload is not known several times. Customer's word, can let
Let's toss for a few days.

Serial number Functional modules Detailed feature section Workload (days)
1 Preliminary needs analysis 0.5
2 Part of the Dispatch Dispatch function 0.5
Dispatch query function 0.5
Edit the function of the dispatch 0.5
How to produce a dispatch number 0.5
The function of breaking number check in dispatch 0.5
The function of the dispatch attachment 0.5
3 In-part In-tray function 0.5
In-tray query function 0.5
In-tray modification function 0.5
In-Process numbering generation method 0.5
In-Receipt breaking number check function 0.5
In-tray attachment function 0.5
4 In-box Edit review status Maintenance 1
5 Round Reading 1
6 Round reading Tips 1
7 Detailed function Confirmation 0.5
8 Analyze the structure of the original database 1
9 Import the original data into the database 1
10 To import the original data into the new system 1
11 Print Supervision single function 1
12 Print the Organizer function 1
13 Installation Maintenance 1
14 Re-import the latest data 1
15 Software functional testing, performance testing 3
Subtotal workload 20
16 Install the latest software 0.5
17 Testing the latest software 0.5
18 Latest Database Import 1
19 Automated archiving features improvements 1
20 Search function Improvements by category 1
21st Functional improvements by Category input keywords 1
22 Query function Improvement by enter 0.5
23 Import data has duplicate display problem resolution 0.5
24 Open an account that only has permission to view 2
25 Reinstall System, query optimization 1
26 Data collation maintenance, numbering generation mode optimization   1
27 According to the type of dispatch, the incoming dispatch in order in reverse sequence number sorted 1
28 Not in accordance with the issuer inquiries, in-Dispatch can be directly archived 0.5
Subtotal workload 11.5
29 Print leader Instruction Sheet 1
30 Statistics by number of in- 1
31 Statistics by number of documents per category 1
32 Statistics by total number of documents 1
34 List of not returned files print (per room) 1
35 Print a list of files not archived (by room) 1
Subtotal workload 6
Total work 37.5

Frankly speaking, half a day can be a function, or a one-night solution to a problem, it is not so simple, I usually sleep, eat, almost all are
In the research software, there is also accumulation, otherwise, hey, finished this project.

I usually also do some other major project technical support, otherwise 2 months light to do this project, really lost the dead, dry for a month to the company gross margin of 8000 yuan, ah loss of death
Business and went bankrupt.

The privilege management, workflow management to achieve the ultimate ability, a person can only do a few things.

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