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Using IE as the kernel can achieve maximum web compatibility, but the IE kernel is also the most researched and attacked kernel. There are often a variety of web pages using malicious scripting to try to gain undue benefits. This aspect 360 Safe browser does a lot of security guard work, can guarantee your Internet security effectively.

Currently 360 secure browsers provide the following security features:

Intelligent interception of phishing sites and malicious sites, happy Internet security worry-free

· Intelligent Detection Web page malicious code, to prevent Trojan automatic download;

· Integration of the country's largest malicious Web site, the site good or bad everyone common supervision and evaluation.

Instant scan download files, rest assured download security worry-free

· Built in a highly praised 360 security guards popular Trojan killing function, instant scan download files;

· Trojan feature library daily update, killing ability comparable to the fee-level security software.

[Super Safe Mode] using the "sandbox" technology, really do not invade the hundred drugs

· The implementation of the Web page program and the real computer system completely isolated, so that any Trojan virus on the web can not infect the real system;

· Subversion of traditional security software "lag killing" status quo, all known unknown Trojan can not penetrate the sandbox, to ensure safety.

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