4 ways to troubleshoot routers without internet access

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Router failure due to misconfigured configuration This is the most common problem, which is that the network caused by improper setting of the router is not functioning properly, for example, the parameters of the router at both ends of the line do not match or the parameter is wrong, or the route mask is set incorrectly.

Configuration errors are a very complex problem, the fault comes from a variety of, the typical router configuration file can be divided into the following sections: The Administrator section (router name, password, service, log); Port part (address, package, bandwidth, measure cost, authentication); Routing protocol part (IGRP/EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, BGP, Traffic Management Section (Access control list, community), routing principle part (routing map), the access part outside the bandwidth (console, remote login, dialing), etc., that is, the enterprise broadband router configuration problem most from the configuration of the above files.

Unable to dial

Symptom: The normal dialing procedure cannot be performed.

Failure reason: The main problem is in the router's address settings.

Workaround: The solution to this problem is relatively simple, the specific approach is: Open a Web browser, in the Address bar to enter the router's management address, such as, at this time the system will require the login password (the password can be queried on the product specifications), after landing into the management interface, select Menu " Network parameters under the WAN Port Settings option, in the right main window, "WAN connection type" select "PPPoE", enter "Internet account" and "Internet Password", click the link button.

Some computers do not connect properly

Symptom: Router hardware is not a problem, the connected computer is not a problem, but can not achieve normal connection, and the other computers on the LAN can connect to the Internet normally.

Failure reason: This is generally due to ISP binding MAC address caused unable to connect, because some ISPs in order to limit the number of access to users, and the authentication server to the MAC address binding, not bound users can not connect the Internet.

Workaround: First connect the computer that is bound to the MAC address to the router LAN port (but the router does not connect to the modem or ISP), and then, using the MAC address cloning of the router, copies the MAC address of the network card to the WAN port of the broadband router, Then do the following on the computer that is not bound: under Windows 2000/xp, press "Start → run" and enter "Cmd/k Ipconfig/all", where "physical address" is the local Mac.

Unable to browse Web page

Failure phenomenon: The Web page can not be opened normally, but QQ and the like program is able to run normally.

Failure reason: This situation is a DNS resolution problem on the router, if the gateway is set to DNS address, this is a DNS Proxy, not a real DNS address, can cause address resolution error.

Workaround: To resolve this problem, it is recommended that you set the DNS server address manually on the router and computer network card ((address provided by the ISP), open the Router setup interface, locate the "Wan Parameters" field in network parameters, and then manually set the DNS server address below. Also, in the DHCP service settings item, you need to manually set the DNS server and alternate DNS server addresses, which need to be obtained from the ISP vendor.

Unable to log on to the Router administration page

Failure phenomenon: Want to the enterprise broadband router for sharing the relevant settings, but can not enter the management interface.

The cause of the failure: the main is the connection was created before landing error.

WORKAROUND: If you have previously logged on to the router management interface, then users should first check the broadband router and computer hardware connection, check the router LAN port on the normal light, if the computer has a firewall or real-time monitoring of anti-virus software, are temporarily closed first, The native IP address is then set to the same network segment as the broadband router, and the gateway address is set to the router's default IP address.

The general broadband router provides a web management approach, so open the Internet Options dialog box, and in the connection option, if you've ever created a connection, check the "Never Dial connection" option, and then click the "LAN Settings" button to uncheck all the selected options.

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