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@ Li Jing Create: Millet, where guests, carving ye brisket, Huang Taiji pancake, countless dozen "internet thinking" of small companies 0 cost marketing, reverse hit the big brand, its "internet flavor" of the copy work. So how to write a copy of the Internet thinking? Today's good text, believe me, you will be back to forward after reading.

1, decomposition of product attributes

Internet start-ups are dividing products into separate properties. Millet first for us to popularize the CPU, GPU and so on, to the Millet 4, unexpectedly began to give us universal knowledge of materials-"Millet 4, Olympic sports 304 stainless steel, 8 times CNC stamping molding."

Even with Lei June to learn from every guest aged also not to be outdone, in the shirt press conference on the popularization of chemical knowledge-how to make the shirt does not wrinkle, in the cellulose macromolecules increased horizontal covalent cross-linking.

(yes, the following is not the PPT of the chemistry teacher, but the PPT of the aging product launch)

Why do Internet copywriting need to decompose product attributes?

Because it helps them make up for the disadvantage of big brands.

Consumers buy products in two modes-low cognitive mode (no effort to think) and high cognitive models (a lot of effort to understand and think).

Most of the time, consumers in the "low cognitive model", they do not bother to understand and compare products, more simply by the product itself is not independent of the external factors to judge-"This big brand, will not hang me, buy this!" This German-made, quality is certainly better than domestic, buy this! "

In this case, the small brand is not hit the big brand, because consumers directly through the "brand" to speculate on product quality, rather than the detailed comparison of the product itself.

What do we do?

Consumers should be turned into "high cognitive models", allowing them to spend a lot of time trying to compare the product itself, rather than simply judging by the brand and the place of origin.

and "Decomposition of product attributes" is a good way to let consumers from a "vague general impression" to "accurate understanding."

So rebels in the 2011 product launch, began to skillfully use this key map to decompose product attributes:

That's why big-brand ads tend to emphasize an overall impression ("Once again, change everything" "extreme design", etc.), while small brands tend to decompose product attributes in detail, allowing consumers to enter the "high cognitive model".

The same applies to recruiting, suppose a Tsinghua and a Wu to apply for, HR only 10 seconds to judge who, then Wu no chance-10 seconds can only compare "brand", but if HR has 1 hours to judge who to want, then is the outcome of the undecided, look at the individual ability.

2, point out the interests: from the other side

It's not enough for the copywriting to "break down product attributes", you need to say something about the benefits--what this attribute can bring to each other.

For example, the above transfer to the rental advertising, the right to say the specific "interests", appears more attractive.

Countless salespeople have failed in this step, they introduced the product in detail, but the customer complained: "You say these characteristics are good, but for me what is the use?!"

Countless applicants have also lost this, they have detailed their experience, but HR complained: "Your community, internship experience is good, but what is the specific use of our company?"

If you want to write a good copy of China, you need to change your mind-not to describe a product to the other person, but to "tell the other how this product is going to work for him!"

3, navigate to the usage scenario

When asked to describe a product, most people think first of all:

"This one XX" (Navigate to product properties)

Some people will think-"This is a special product designed for the XX crowd!" (positioning to the crowd)

There is actually a third kind of-"this is a can help you do xx products." (Navigate to the usage story)

In fact, for the characteristics of the Internet products (complex category, people dispersed), you should be more positioning products to use scenarios-users need to use my product to accomplish what tasks?

For example, if I describe "This is a smart wireless router!" (Product category), you may not know what I'm talking about.

But if I say, "You can use your mobile phone to control your home router automatically at work," You may be tempted.

So, the most important thing is not "Who am I," but "what do my customers do with me?"

4, find the right competitor

Consumers always like to compare different products, so write a copy, need to be clear: I want to let consumers compare my products with what? Who is my competitor?

For example, above, I imagined the above two kinds of add more precious herbal tea copy, the former is with the prevention of angry Chinese Medicine, although more prominent "against the fire" function, but people think "is the drug three cent poison", may not dare to drink, the latter with the beverage than, increased the "anti-lit" function, give people feel "no longer for drinking unhealthy drinks and guilt feeling."

Countless industry innovation products are involved in such a competitor comparison:

Online education competitors are not offline training, because for those who are willing to spend so much time and money on training, online education is clearly not enough to meet their quality requirements, its competitors are actually books, is the Internet forum, because its customers because there is no money and no time to participate in training, People who have to read and study by themselves.

Solar rivals were not initially thermal, because solar power is too unreliable for stable thermal power, its rivals are "no electricity"-solar energy first failed in the US, but in Africa, the solar energy is too unstable for Americans, but for some African countries without electricity grids, Self-built solar generators are better than no electricity.

The competitor of a wrinkle-resistant shirt is not a thousands of-dollar business shirt (as it is advertised), because the people who are willing to use these business shirts look down on every guest; it is more likely to rival T-shirts and polo because its consumers are the ones who have to wear T-shirts because they are afraid of squeezing the subway.

The real competitor of the first iphone is not the Nokia handset, because it is not as good as the quality of the phone, and its real competitor is the Wall Street Journal, the gaming machine, the video player. At the prevailing point of view, as a mobile phone, it has countless shortcomings, but compared to other video players, newspapers and so on, it is much better, and the phone function.

Therefore, the idea of good copy, good publicity, first find your product real competitors.

5, visual sense

Your copy must be written so that the reader can think of a specific image, for example, the picture and text case, if only said "Night Beat ability", many people do not have intuitive feeling, but if said "can shoot the Stars", immediately let people recall the "see the stars want to shoot but not to shoot" feeling.

Excellent copy can be reminiscent of a specific scene or memory, but too much copy of the abstract, vague, complex, false big empty, let people unintelligible:

Education Course Advertising: "We strive for excellence, create quality, help you advance with the times, create a better future!"

MP3 Advertising: "Slender and smart, there is capacity is big!"

Sesame Paste Advertising: "Heritage Manufacturing Classic!"

The boy proposed: "We will be happy life, old age!"

Political speech: "I want to pursue equality and reduce racial discrimination!"

Interviewer: "I have a sense of responsibility, mission, meticulous, hard-working!"

If the same meaning, add the "visual sense" of the description, the effect is significantly different:

Education Course Advertising: "We strive for excellence, create quality, help you advance with the times, create a better future!" We provide the latest knowledge to help you cope with the changing world. ”

MP3 Advertising: "Slender and smart, there is capacity is big!" Pack 1000 songs in your pocket! " (from Jobs)

Sesame Paste Advertising: "Heritage Manufacturing Classic!" The smell of MOM when I was a kid.

The boy proposed: "We will be happy life, old age!" I think when we are old, we can still walk the beach with hand in the afterglow of the sunset.

Political speech: "I want to pursue equality and reduce racial discrimination!" I have a dream that one day on the Red Hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves will be able to sit down with the sons of former slave-owners and share their brotherhood. "(from Martin Luther King)

Interviewer: "I have a sense of responsibility, mission, meticulous, hard-working!" I'll never give up the last bit of improvement until I'm satisfied with the details of 1%. ”

Why is visual sense so important?

Because visualization is one of our most basic needs, people naturally do not like abstract things. So almost all the abstract ideas of the ancient world were visualized-because "just compassion" was too abstract to create a figurative God directly, because the process of rain was so abstract that it invented "lui Lei's mother".

There is a "fresh effect" in psychology, which means that we are more susceptible to the freshness of an event (whether it has a visual sense) than the meaning of the event itself.

During the Iraq War, American journalists kept on reporting "thousands of of American deaths," but few Americans moved, but once the story of a family wife losing her husband was reported, the nation's anti-war mood rose. This is not because the life of a husband is more important than the life of thousands of people, but because such stories are "more Alive".

So, write a copy, must have a "visual sense", otherwise others read do not know what you are talking about.

6, adhesion-establish contact

As a small company, you may be releasing new and innovative products. But people don't like strangers and often don't buy them. At this point you should create "adhesion" to the copy-attach the information to a well-known object.

For example, if you don't know anything about a TV set-top box, you may not have a concept of "free remote control", but if you say, "Let TV 1 seconds turn into a computer," You know--you can control TV like a computer!

You want to make your product copy popular, but a strange thing is hard to get popular. To make a new product or concept popular, you need to associate it with something you know well. Like what:

When Mr. Jobs released his first iphone, he did not launch the iphone, but said it would release 3 products-1 phones, 1 big-screen ipods and 1 Internet devices-all of which were familiar. Then Mr. Jobs said, in fact, we only release a product, it has the above 3 product function, that is-iphone.

In order to let strange new stars hot up, the media often give them a nickname-"intellectual Ronaldo Sanchez" "Germany Messimalin." This is to connect the unknown to the famous stars and make it easier for the public to understand.

In the same vein, do you know why there is a "rebels" in China's technology circle?

Why is "adhesion" so important?

This is because of the pattern of human memory.

Human brain memory is like a slope of a river, the new memory is like a drop of water, this drop of water if the drop to the land, it will immediately evaporate, if you can drip into the river, it can be integrated into the sea. Similarly, if new knowledge cannot be linked to old knowledge, one will soon forget it, and it will be easy to remember it if it is established in connection with old familiar things.

So you need to improve the "adhesion" of copywriting to connect it to the old stuff-even the phone patent that the phone inventor Bell applied for, called "a new Telegraph improvement technology."

7, provide "fuse"

The purpose of the copy is to change the behavior of others, if only let others "Heartbeat", but did not pay the final "action", may let the copy failed. The best way to do that is to provide a significant "fuse" so that people don't have to think about what to do now.

As pictured above, suppose this is an article on the Micro-mail homepage, and to keep you focused on the micro-letter homepage, it's definitely more effective on the right side-it makes you want to know what to do now.

This is evidenced by countless phenomena:

A university in the United States has designed a tetanus vaccine brochure, but the problem is that every year, no matter how to improve the warning of the manual-using the horror pictures of the sick people, it is difficult to get the students to fight the vaccine. The final problem was solved, with a map of the school hospital and a vaccine time in the manual-the students were just too lazy to go to the site to look up the map and the time.

Psychologists have done an experiment-full of food in the fridge of transparent glass doors, a lot of people stealing food, but a lock on the fridge, with the lock key next to the lock, almost nobody steals food. Because the reason for stealing food is "to know how to do without thinking" becomes a "need to think before you know how to do", it significantly reduces the desire to do this thing.

Therefore, never underestimate the "laziness" of the "Reach Party", and tell someone clearly in the copywriting when necessary: what you should do now!

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