A broadband account allows two computers to surf the internet simultaneously

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  Home only a broadband account, but now two computers need to surf the Internet, this How to do? Now small make up to tell you, this can be realized, as long as there is a telephone line, a cat, a router, a broadband account can access the Internet.

  1, to use the broadband router, the first of course need to install a broadband router. the broadband router should be plugged in first, then the power on the broadband router panel will light up, the broadband router system starts, and the SYS or system lights will blink. Then the network cable Connection, will be broadband line (crossover line, broadband line can be Ethernet interface adsl/cable Modem line, can also be LAN access network cable) connected to the broadband router wan, such as the cable is no problem, the broadband router on the WAN light will be long light. Next, use a straight line to connect the NIC or hub/switch on your computer (for example, through a switch or hub), make sure that the connection is connected to the uplink or common port of the switch from the LAN port of the router with a standard straight line, and then use the standard passthrough Cable from the normal port of the switch to the network card) and the broadband router in the LAN connection of any interface, the broadband router LAN led on the corresponding LED will be long lit. Although the current broadband routers support the dual-stranded automatic crossover function, can be compatible with straight line or crossover line, but in the connection is best to do the normal method.

  2, automatically obtain IP address

Broadband routers are internally integrated with the DHCP server, and by default, the DHCP server has been opened, it can automatically assign IP addresses to the connected computers, so for all computers that have access to broadband routers in general, do not add to the superfluous IP address, set DNS, and so on.

So before using the broadband router, you need to set the TCP/IP protocol of your computer's network card to "automatically obtain the address" (when there is an IP address conflict in the network or if all settings are normal, you can still not log in the router's setup interface, you may use this method).

• In the windows98/me operating system, you can click "Control Panel" → "Network" → "General" → "tcp/ip-current computer network card model" → "Properties", the "IP address" is set to "Automatically obtain IP address", "DNS Configuration" is set to "Disable DNS", "Gateway" Item is blank (already removable).

• In the WINDOWS2000/XP operating system, on the computer, turn on the "start" → "Control Panel" → "Network and Internet Connection" → "Network Connection" → "local Connection" properties → "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) →" properties. In an open window, make sure that the automatically obtain IP address and automatically obtain DNS server address are selected and then save and exit.

  3, Release and update IP address

To achieve this goal, the IP address of each computer's network card will be in the same network segment as the broadband router, which can be solved by restarting the computer or using the release and update commands more easily.

• In the Windows98/me operating system, click "Start → run" in turn, enter the "winipcfg" command in the Run bar, and then "OK". In the open IP configuration interface, select "Release" and then click the "Update" button, and the IP configuration will allow the network card to automatically obtain a new IP address on the same network segment as the broadband router.

• In the WINDOWS2000/XP operating system, you can click on the computer "start" → "Run", in the "open" first entered the "cmd" command, and then enter the command Prompt window appears in the first input "Ipconfig/all" after the return, You can see the IP address and MAC address of all adapters on the current computer to see if they are accurate. or directly enter the "ipconfig/release" command, you can release the network card is currently acquired IP address, and then enter the update IP address command "Ipconfig/renew" return, if the network connection is not a problem, the cursor flashing a few seconds later You can see the IP address of the network card after the update of the same network segment as the broadband router.

ADSL virtual dial-up access, first refer to the previous "Connection and basic settings" method to connect the ADSL modem and broadband router, and set the network card to "automatically obtain IP address." Then, open IE (Internet Explorer) browser, in its address bar to enter the IP address of the broadband router, the current mainstream broadband router common IP configuration address has (can refer to the instructions). Enter the IP address of the broadband router after entering, you will be prompted to enter the router's username and password (some models of the machine only prompts to enter the password), the factory's default username and password are generally admin (if not, can refer to the manual).

Enter the username and password after entering the broadband router to set up the interface to the golden wave of the broadband router as an example, click the menu under the Interface "Internet Wizard", and then, select the "ADSL Virtual dial" item. Select and click "Next", appear the input User name and Password window, in the window of the user entered the Internet after the username and password continue to click "Next", and then click "OK" after the correct, and finally click "Back" setting has been completed.

Under normal circumstances, broadband routers will automatically dial the Internet, other connected computers can also be shared through the broadband router Internet. is connected to the Internet, you can go to the Broadband router settings interface Click "Run status" → "wan status" view. You have normal access to the Internet, where you can see information such as IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways, DNS, and so on that are automatically obtained from your ISP's manufacturer. If there is no normal connection, it will show "PPPoE automatic (on-demand) connection", and no IP address and other information, indicating that the broadband router is not connected successfully, please check the user name and password is correct (note the case), ADSL is open, ADSL line has been connected with the broadband router WAN port, the normal broadband router WAN port led should be long light!

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