A detailed overview of the development status of dual-core internet cafe Routers

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At present, China's dual-core internet cafe router technology has been very complete, so I studied the development of dual-core internet cafe router, here to share with you, I hope to be useful to everyone. Many Internet cafe owners have been worried about the difficulty of selecting a router with excellent performance and low price. Now, this problem will be swept away with the appearance of ER series dual-core internet cafe routers.

Recently, it was learned from internal channels that the ER series dual-core internet cafe routers specially developed by H3C for Internet cafe application requirements will soon be available. This is the first time that the dual-core internet cafe router equipment has implemented dual-core applications. With its high configuration, high security, and high availability, the ER series dual-core internet cafe routers can fully meet the high standards of Internet cafe owners. after its launch, it will inevitably attract the high attention of Internet cafe owners. For the fiercely competitive Internet cafe market, the launch of ER series dual-core internet cafe routers will undoubtedly further promote the arrival of the dual-core era.

With the continuous rise of the Internet cafe industry, Internet cafe services are becoming more professional, standardized, and quality-oriented, and the demand for network equipment is also increasing, the Internet cafe market has become one of the most important battlefields for network equipment vendors. For Internet cafe owners, whether they have high performance and low price is an important standard for network equipment selection. In the past, the routing equipment used in the internet cafe industry basically belongs to the low-end products of various manufacturers' product lines, and it is difficult to fully meet the special needs of the Internet cafe industry in terms of cost effectiveness.
H3C's new ER series dual-core internet cafe router is a high-performance gigabit routing product tailored for Internet cafes. It is the first to be listed in three categories: ER3260, ER5100, and ER5200. As a medium-and high-end product of the H3C dual-core internet cafe router, the ER series dual-core internet cafe router adopts a dual-core design that has never been used in the middle and low-end routers before, this greatly accelerates the data processing capability of the device, and greatly improves the performance of the dual-core internet cafe router with a 533M clock speed ddr ii memory.

In addition, security and availability are also the key points for dual-core internet cafe Router Access, the design of the ER series routers to be launched by H3C also highlights the performance of resisting Network viruses, attacks, and convenient operation management. Through ER series dual-core internet cafe routers, Internet cafe owners can quickly achieve "high speed" of network access, easily create a secure and efficient Internet cafe network, and obtain greater value returns.

H3C network equipment products have been well received by Internet cafe owners for their outstanding cost effectiveness. It is reported that the super powerful performance ER series dual-core internet cafe routers dedicated for internet bars will continue to adhere to their consistent cost-effective strategy. After the launch of the product, it will inevitably lead to a wave of "dual-core" application boom in Internet cafe routers. It is foreseeable that H3C, which is already in the leading position in the internet cafe market, will occupy more market share thanks to its one-step leading products and designs.

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