A few tips for analyzing the function of PS text in detail

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This article will bring you to pay attention to our work in peacetime is how to use the text in the PS function, involving a few great tips, can help you improve efficiency, children's shoes can try.


Anti-aliasing seems to be the best topic to start this article. In the previous PS version of CS6, the choice of anti-aliasing text was really the only alternative to many of the most inappropriate options. However, a few months ago Adobe introduced the anti-aliasing options for the two operating systems in PS: Mac and Mac LCD. These two anti-aliasing options are the same as the system text anti-aliasing: "Mac" is a grayscale font smoothing anti-aliasing in Mac OS X, and "Mac LCD" is a sub-pixel font smoothing anti-aliasing.

For web designers, the equivalent of "Mac" in CSS is:


The same statement as "Mac LCD" is:


Because of the use of grayscale anti-aliasing rendering fonts in iOS, so use PS for the iOS terminal design interface, you should choose "Mac" mode.

Character styles and paragraph styles

The character style and paragraph style panel in CS6 has a great feature that allows users to save their own special text layer styles and then apply this layer style to other layers. If you do not have a character/paragraph style panel in your PS workspace, you can find it here: Window > character/paragraph style.

I found that this feature is useful for items that need to be consistent across all text.

If you don't know much about this feature, there are: beginner tutorials in the tuts+ Web site.

Use the path to give more form to the text

This is only when I do web design to use the function, but I think the understanding of a very good posture.

If you want to make text around the image distribution, this thing is absolutely easier than you think, as long as the use of simple vector path can be done! Before you start, if you're not familiar with vector-path text boxes, you can take a look at this tutorial: Create text boxes of various shapes in PS.

In short, it is to draw a vector path you want first, then select the Word tool, and then in the vector path you have already painted a small poke, to ensure that you poke before, the Text tool icon has an obvious shape change. That way, the text will be on the vector path or graph you are drawing.

Here's a simple picture of what I do:

Type Layer Filter

A fairly well-known feature in PS is the type layer filter. Although this function is very old, but I still think it is very useful. There are various filters at the top of the layers panel, including the type layer filter. Activate this panel that only appears in the text layer to make it easy to bulk change the text.

Paste Chaos Number False text

CS6, another useful small feature that saves time and efficiency is the ability to paste virtual text into a layout. Position in: "Text > Paste Chaos", this feature can automatically generate fake fill text, to see the overall layout effect.

This is still very useful, and I recommend that if you use this feature to assign a keyboard shortcut to it, it will be more efficient.

Font Management

For now, I use OS X's built-in font book to manage the 269 fonts installed on my system. I've tried a lot of different third-party font management apps, and they're always going to crash the software when it comes to those less common fonts, which I rarely use, but sometimes it does.

Finally, I would like to say that this article is all those related to the text and PS, can improve the efficiency of the matter, I hope you see after the great benefit, but also welcome everyone to communicate with us.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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