A letter to all business people who judge a person by degree

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You may have some prejudice against a person's poor educational background. First of all, I don't think that junior college students and people below the specialists are inferior. However, we can force others to change their values, at the same time, it is precisely the Decision-Making Made by the top management based on its value orientation that determines the culture of a company. This is the foundation for the survival of a company and a symbol that distinguishes it from others. I can only represent an individual, not a class. In the sense of probability statistics, if n junior college students are vulgar, it is unfounded to expect n + 1 junior college students to be very powerful, however, starting from the humanistic concept, I think it is a more effective way to drop talent. This should be a very effective pragmatism. If there is a meaningless trade-off standard, I think it will filter out a lot of meaningful things. Westerners can support a robber to create colonies throughout the country, eventually, it led to our poverty. We only appreciate ourselves in the frame of learning and learning. The problem is exactly what we learn in the "Learning and excellence" is the idea and strategy of both models rather than solving problems, if we follow the concept of "closeness", the results of learning and Excellence will only be lost. It is the value orientation that hinders the injection of fresh blood.
The most competitive factor for any promising industry or product is that it can take a bold and decisive step in the established model, at the beginning, it was a long and painful day, but it was also the most vital. My point was to hope that every team member could take a brave step, in the end, the value of a company exists in the industry, and its content is the intersection of the pace of all members. As we move forward, we have actually filtered out all the filthy content, this filtering occurs when a company succeeds, not when it starts a business. Stavlianos's point of view is very meaningful. Although we are looking at the development history of European and American enterprises, we can at least see it. Let's look at ourselves and discuss our seniority to get people by appearance, if a person with a strong desire for knowledge fails to go to college because he has no money at home, he will be overwhelmed by secular abnormal standards, being educated has become a patent for upper-level people. Just like landlords in the Imperial Examination era, owning land and wealth is a prerequisite for entry into the career path, because it costs money to go to school. We always turn around in an abstract, weekly ritual, without any practical value frame, so we always lose, lose, or commit, wise, foolish, and anxious!
For the fresh blood injection of enterprises, I am not against the premise of selecting the best according to the established standards. In the world where the fittest live, the premise of determining who is the fittest is to give him a living space, enterprises do not pay any extra cost because food is nutritious. Similarly, people will always be creative. After several years in the industry, it indicates that this person has been selected and used as a fit person. If the existence is reasonable and the right to survive is revoked according to the individual's choice criteria, I think this is unfair. The standard is just an experience or a summary. It can be referenced and cannot be blindly removed. Otherwise, the outcome will be sad.
Aside from the political factors that influence the value orientation of the generation, let me talk about myself. Although my educational background is really poor, I do not agree with the deep meaning of this view. I have studied all the basic courses for undergraduate courses, and I have also met some graduate courses, all I need is a teacher. I am very satisfied with myself in terms of mathematics, physics, and literature. I have been working for nearly four years and I have been turning over quantum mechanics and optics, I will even study the scheduling algorithm papers of Linux kernel in the middle of the night. If I only look at the educational background, these are really a junior college students who are eager but really unable to get involved, although I cannot represent all junior students. I have a kind of sincere passion for network security. As a junior college student, I don't just satisfy the realm of script boys. I will spend a long time thinking about why I did this, I will find the X509 vulnerability, though not found. I really appreciate the practices of the royal family in the European maritime era. They are eclectic. As a result, they are the undeniable kings of modern civilization. What we can do is to make data more accurate, why is the simple principle always discovered by foreigners? Because the world is really so simple, we may think too much. If a person who has not studied has discovered the simple principle of the world, so who will recognize it? It may be because he has not received the traditional "good education". Although it is difficult even in Europe, it is indeed a complete ban on us.
I have not held a job in a competitive industry for part-time students. This is the basic ethics of practitioners. For various reasons, I must survive first. I am a junior college student, at first, my salary was very low, but XX's consumption was not low. I had to live, and more importantly, I had to do my best to learn more. I was a Linux kernel developer, during the weekend, I just made some interfaces for others using Java. This may not be a part-time job. If it is helpful, it may be better, but I hope to use a more formal word to express it, this kind of behavior is the same as selling things in my next shift. In addition, when my salary rises to more than 1 K, I have never done any so-called part-time jobs.

All the people who have read this article and have requirements for recruitment and must have a degree in education, please understand me and hope we can all reflect on it. Only in this way can the sky take off more widely, the START runway can be wider!


Sincere blessings to everyone and myself

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