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With the increasingly mature network era, the development of network advertising is also rising, domineering advertising revenue, the perfect brand display, has become the user of the media's first choice for advertising. And as the "frontline fighters" of internet advertising, how should we hold on to our front positions and make new work? This will be a question worth discussing.

Internet Advertising (Internet advertising), originated in the United States in 1994, HotWired magazine launched the online version of the HotWired, and the first on the Web site launched online advertising, and China also in the 1997 three years later, The first online ad was launched by Chinabyte. Thus opened the network advertisement development Big curtain. Short 10几 years of development, network advertising from scratch, from small to large, has now developed into the advertising industry overlord, 2012 years of advertising scale is expected to break through 46.2 billion (Dcci data). At the same time, in the Web site's profit model, online advertising has become one of the major economic sources of the major sites. Because it has the good quality which other media does not have:

(a) a large number of audience.

(b) Accurate delivery

(iii) Strong interaction

(iv) Low cost

(v) Objective data

And as an advertising designer, we need to understand a deep understanding of one of the "network advertising interaction", the advertising interaction has no, strong or weak, can directly affect the online advertising effect. Then it may affect the brand's word-of-mouth spread.

So since when do Web ads start to focus on the concept of interactivity?

With the advent of WEB2.0, the major portals of the steady development of blogs, micro-blog, micro-letter, such as network tools widely used. Watercress, happy, petals, Thunder Ark and other network sharing platform of the increasingly mature and perfect. To make people more and more dependent on the network, but also more and more heavy. Because, through the network can almost do all the things users want to do. In this use process, some have, convenient, understandable, easy to learn, simulation of the use of the process of the network advertising, more easily let the audience accept, and will produce better results. The audience is more likely to have an understanding of the desire, and then to tell friends, or have a common interest in some people. In this process, the audience's role is also from an information receiving terminal, into a information dissemination or transmission, this cheap way of communication, can make the advertising effect to enlarge the geometric times. To the greatest extent to reduce the cost of product advertising.

Therefore, the interactive network advertising should not only focus on the screen, layout, these basic visual elements, more should be able to participate in the experience, not just be watched, but can be touched. Through the screen and other visual elements to attract audiences, through enhancing the user's active participation to carry out the brand image and the effective transfer of brand culture.

Advertising language in the interactive network advertising is also the most important, to distinguish between primary and secondary, grasp the key, concise. To facilitate memory, help users to carry out two times. The language is approachable, close to daily life, make the product information easier for the audience to accept. (Measure the value of advertising standards will also change, not according to the number of clicks to determine the success or failure of an advertisement, but the click Cost and conversion rate to measure a network advertising) so, interactive network advertising should have 3 characteristics:

(i) interactivity.

(ii) operability.

(iii) An equal dialogue on information.

So how do you design interactive Web ads? Here are a few examples of methods for your reference.

(i) The establishment of a mind-oriented map. (Divergent thinking)

Find the most appropriate way of thinking in each branch of the subject. To interpret, and on this basis to refine the creative copy and advertising language.

Example: Thunderbolt member function-Fast biography

After analysis, the nature of the rapid transmission of Thunder is a high-speed network transit platform, from these keywords, we not only see its characteristics, more able to map out the importance of its service, the fast transmission of thunder to give users is not only the rapid transfer of resources, but also the fast transmission to give users the kind of service, the user as their friends , our fast service, like the gift of parcel number, is delivered to the user every day, more importantly, it is to embody this feeling. So according to these, we have identified the slogan: In the Internet age, the sharing of gifts is very complicated? Fast, is our purpose.

Thunder Fast Pass. Swf

(ii) The use of mouse response, and the audience to interact with the user.

Use the mouse to move, click, drag. and other basic principles of use, so that users more easily participate in interactive advertising. As much as possible simulation of real life action, reduce the learning costs of the audience. Will not make it confused about what is unknown.

Example: Thunderbolt member function-high speed channel, online game accelerator, offline download, Thunder playback privilege

High Speed Channel. Swf

High-speed channel simulation of real-life material conveyor belt, drag and drop the rocker can feel the Thunder high-speed channel to bring you not only speed, more importantly, let you have time to drink a cup of coffee.

Online Games accelerator. Swf

Online accelerator through the truck (traditional not accelerated) and sports car (after the use of online accelerator) Speed contrast, can let the player feel the same feeling of flying.

Offline downloads. Swf

The material movement does not need to read the second, the off-line downloading helps you to fix.

Playback privileges. Swf

Thunder can give you more than just tools, but also a simple way to enjoy a happy time.

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