A sister found the car is not moving, the boyfriend heard her phone collapse

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Woman: The engine of the car is not moving, yes ...

Man: Really? Could it be that the battery is out of power and the headlights open?

Woman: Yesterday is normal, ah, why suddenly change like this ...

Man: It's really bad to meet such things. Anyway, let's see if there's a power bar, will the lantern light?

Woman: I have to go to xxx place today, what do I do without a car?

Man: Well, it's really a big problem. Well, is the lantern light on?

Woman: Before I opened my father, that's not going to happen.

Man:...... Can you open the headlights? Still can't open it?

Woman: If it doesn't arrive before seven o'clock, I'll be finished, roar, so annoying.

Man: Well, did it turn out the headlights?

Woman: Huh? I didn't hear you clearly.

Man: Well, I said, is the lantern light on?

Woman: Why?

Man: Uh, well, you can't get the engine, right? Maybe the battery's dead.

Woman: What do you mean?

Man: Huh?

Woman: Hmm?

M: Well, I wonder if the battery of the car is out of power, so can I turn on the headlights?

Woman: Oh, good, but the battery does not have the radio and TV lights will not open?

Man: Yes, that's why I want to ask you to turn on the headlights and test if there's no electricity.

Woman: Are you angry?

Man: No, I'm angry.

Woman: Obviously, what are you mad at?

Man: I said I didn't have it!

Woman: Did I say something wrong? You tell me I can apologize!

Man: Really no, I'm not angry, really!

Woman: Why do you always emphasize that?

Man: Let's talk about the battery first.

Woman: Are you talking about the car?

Man: Yes, yes, it's a car, a car!

Woman: Really, you guys just don't listen to other people talking!

Man: All right, I'm sorry. The result? Is the headlight open?

Woman: You see, you're really angry.

Man: I'm not angry.

Woman: It's a lie, absolutely, why? People are in a hurry now, yes!

Man: Well, I just wanted to ask you the headlights ...

Woman: There's no talking about it! I'm not talking about the headlights, you're talking about this guy!

M: Sorry, I was wrong, the headlight ...

Woman: I was wrong, I shouldn't have called you!


A sister found the car is not moving, the boyfriend heard her phone collapse

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