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Below, we give you a detailed description of the hyperlink function in different situations of the application method.

Introduction of HYPERLINK function

function function: Create a shortcut (jump) to open a file that is stored on a network server, Intranet, or Internet. When you click the cell that contains the function HYPERLINK, Microsoft execl opens the file that is stored in link_location.

function syntax: HYPERLINK (link_location, Friendly_name)

Parameter introduction

Link_location is the path and file name of the document, which can be opened as text.

Link_location can also point to a more specific location in a document, such as a execl worksheet or a cell or named range in a workbook, or a bookmark in a Microsoft Word document. The path can be a file that is stored on a hard drive or a universal naming convention (UNC) path on the server (in Microsoft Excel for Windows), or a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) path on the Internet or Intranet.


Link_location can be a string of text enclosed in quotes, or a cell that contains a text string link.

If the jump specified in link_location does not exist or is inaccessible, an error message appears when you click the cell.

Friendly_name is the jump text or numeric value displayed in the cell. The contents of the cell are blue and underlined. If Friendly_name is omitted, the cell displays link_location as the jump text.

Friendly_name can be a numeric value, a text string, a name, or a cell that contains a jump text or numeric value.

If Friendly_name returns an error value (for example, #VALUE!), the cell displays an error value in place of the jump text.


To select a cell that contains a hyperlink and not skip to the destination file for the hyperlink, click the range of cells and hold down the mouse button until the cursor becomes a cross, and then release the mouse button. That is, just keep pressing the mouse until the cell is selected, and I know it today, I used to choose adjacent cells and press the arrow keys to move to a cell with a hyperlink.

A summary of the application of hyperlink function

1. The following example opens a worksheet Budget Report.xls that is stored on an www.dzwebs.net/report address on the Internet, and the text displayed by the linked cell is "Click for a":

Open the worksheet on the Example.microsoft.com/report address that is stored on the Internet Report.xls

=hyperlink ("Http://www.dzwebs.net/report/report.xls", "Open the worksheet that is stored on the Www.dzwebs.net/report address of the Internet budget Report.xls ")

2. The following example creates a hyperlink to cell F10 on a annual worksheet that is Budget report.xls the workbook, which is stored on the Www.dzwebs.net/report address of the Internet. The cell that contains the hyperlink in the worksheet takes the contents of cell C25 as the jump text it displays:

The jump text that appears as the contents of cell C25

=hyperlink ("[http://www.dzwebs.net/report/report.xls]annual! F10 ", C26)

3. The following example creates a hyperlink to the DeptTotal area on the Report.xls of the workbook that is stored on the Www.dzwebs.net/report address of the Internet. The cells that contain hyperlinks in the worksheet display the jump text "click to browse first quarter department totals":

Click to browse first quarter Department summary

=hyperlink ("[Http://www.dzwebs.net/report/report.xls]first quarter! DeptTotal "," Click Browse First Quarter Department summary ")

4. To create a hyperlink to a specific location in a Microsoft Word document, you must use a bookmark to define where you want to jump in the document. The following example creates a hyperlink to a bookmark qrtlyprofits in a document named Annual Report.doc on example.microsoft.com:

=hyperlink ("[Http://example.microsoft.com/Annual report.doc]qrtlyprofits", "quarterly profit Report")

5. In Excel for Windows, the following example displays the contents of cell C38 as the jump text in a hyperlink cell and opens a file named 1stqtr.xls, which is stored in the statements shared folder of the FINANCE server. This example uses a UNC path:

Open a file named 1stqtr.xls in the statements shared folder that is stored in the FINANCE server

=hyperlink ("Financestatements1stqtr.xls", C38)

6. The following example opens the Excel for Windows file 1stqtr.xls, which is stored in the directory named Finance in drive D and displays the numeric values stored in cell C42:

Open the file in the D-Disk finance directory 1stqtr.xls

=hyperlink ("D:finance1stqtr.xls", C42)

7. In Excel for Windows, the following example creates a hyperlink to a region named totals in another (external) workbook MyBook.xls:

[C:My Documentsmybook.xls] Totals =hyperlink ("[C:My documentsmybook.xls]totals")

8. In the Microsoft Excel for Macintosh, the following example displays "Click here" in a cell and opens the save in the Budget Reports folder on the name Macintosh HD hard drive in the top Quarte R file:

Hyperlink usage under Microsoft Excel for Macintosh

=hyperlink ("Macintosh hd:budget reports:first Quarter", "HYPERLINK usage under Microsoft Excel for Macintosh")

9. You can create a hyperlink in a worksheet to jump from one cell to another cell. For example, if the current workbook is HYPERLINK function. xls, and the active worksheet is HYPERLINK, the following formula creates a hyperlink that jumps to cell B55 in this worksheet.

View the Hyperlink formula

=hyperlink ("[HYPERLINK function. xls]hyperlink! B55 ", view the Hyperlink formula")

To jump to another worksheet in the same workbook, change the sheet name in the hyperlink. In the previous precedent, to create a link to the cell B55 in the test worksheet, change the HYPERLINK to test. B55 cell to the worksheet test

=hyperlink ("[HYPERLINK function. xls]test! B55 "," to the B55 cell of the worksheet test)

10. If each current workbook name changes (if you may want to change this file to a favorite name), you will have to modify the hyperlink the union is a hassle, there is another workaround: The current workbook can be represented by #. Go to the job. A1 cell of the test worksheet

=hyperlink ("#Test! A1 "," to go to this work Pu ' Test worksheet A1 Cell ")

11. If the worksheet name contains special symbols, such as "-", spaces, and so on. The worksheet name must be enclosed in single quotes to be recognized.

The worksheet name contains-

=hyperlink ("# ' 1-1"!) A1 ", the sheet name contains-")

The worksheet name contains spaces

=hyperlink ("# ' 1 3"!) A1 ", the sheet name contains spaces")

12. Hyperlinks can also be located to a specific program in the VBE.

To view the code for the procedure AddHyperlink ()

Sub AddHyperlink ()

' VBA creates hyperlinks

With Worksheets ("Test")

. Hyperlinks.add anchor:=. Range ("A5"), _

Address:= "Mailto:someone@microsoft.com?subject=hello", _

Screentip:= "Write Us Today", _

texttodisplay:= "Support"

End With

End Sub

=hyperlink ("#AddHYPERLINK", "View Code for Procedure AddHyperlink ()")

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