A way to solve the frequent drop of PPPoE broadband dialing

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The most recent behavior when downloading or watching video and so on a large amount of network bandwidth the broadband PPPoE connection is very unstable, often automatically drop the line, seriously affect my download process and watch the fun of the video, for this I have no line from the OpenWrt firmware on the brush again, although added some features, fixed some bugs, But the problem with the line is still ... 囧

But because I saved the log this time, I found some problems after I looked at the log.

OCT 15:55:10 openwrt daemon.info pppd[880]: No response to 5 echo-requests

OCT 15:55:10 openwrt daemon.notice pppd[880]: Serial link appears to be disconnected.

OCT 15:55:10 openwrt daemon.info pppd[880]: Connect time 15.4 minutes.

OCT 15:55:10 openwrt daemon.info pppd[880]: Sent, 701691 bytes, received 1997292.

OCT 15:55:11 openwrt user.info firewall:removing Wan (Pppoe-wan) from Zone Wan

OCT 15:55:12 openwrt user.notice root:stopping ntpclient

OCT 15:55:16 openwrt daemon.notice pppd[880]: Connection terminated.

OCT 15:55:16 openwrt daemon.notice pppd[880]: Modem hangup

See the red part of the content, because 5 times wood has echo response, so the router thinks the link is broken. 5 times Wood response in my download and so a large amount of bandwidth-consuming behavior is a very normal phenomenon, so I basically judge this thing false reported = =

Since you deceive me, then I also cheat you, change it to you 10,000 times, I guess you will not lose the line? xd

SSH connection without line, with VIM open PPPoE configuration file (if you have a brush with the Third-party firmware, then look at the no line by the management panel of the advanced options, whether there are the following 2 parameters of the options OK)


Then modify the relevant parameters:

Lcp-echo-interval 3600 #发送间隔秒

Lcp-echo-failure 15000 #15000次未响应断开

: Wq save exit, reconnect PPPoE

Of course you do not need to exaggerate as I do, the number of appropriate change on the line. Since the afternoon after the change, so far I have lost the line of the situation appeared, the purpose was achieved.

Good luck.

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