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The first few articles have turned to a series of articles titled "Ten Tips for young engineers. Now I want to give advice to middle-aged engineers for your reference !!!

[Switch] after more than a decade of engineering experience, the fate of Middle-aged engineers is even more worrying. Therefore, I want to write an article "Advice for middle-aged engineers", hoping to inspire middle-aged engineers and remind young engineers!

For middle-aged engineers, we refer to engineers over 35 years old who are still mainly engaged in specific technical work. Like the young people who have just graduated, they write software and debug the circuit, and some of them are even grayed out. At this age, my wife and children should support their families, and my parents should be filial piety. Mixed up, get a department manager, Project Leader to do it, the boss is heavy, the income will be good, or even a monthly salary of more than 10 K, life is naturally not worried, our common people can have such a day, it's time to be satisfied! It's not a good mix. It's not as good as a young man who just leaves school. The knowledge is aging, but it's not as good as a young man in some aspects.
It's your old experience. When the young guy around you learns, you should be done. Looking for a job in this age is hard to find. Bosses generally like to use young people. They are honest, obedient, active, willing to learn, can stay up late, manage well, and have low treatment. Unlike old oil bars, there are many bad habits, difficult to manage and demanding treatment. Many recruitment engineers clearly state that under 35 years old is the truth.

Years of technical career have made it very difficult for middle-aged engineers to completely clear their toxins. They have obvious personality and psychological defects and are separated from society. They are kind, sincere, insensitive, sensitive, timid, and afraid of things. They like to drill corners, behave in a way of dogma, be honest, look down on others and even similar people, and have no intimate friends... For the future, they do not have as many fantasies and hopes as young people. They just want to live their days in peace and stability.

If you have been able to study hard and update your knowledge over the years, you will always be able to stand in the position of a technical leader. Congratulations, you can at least live without any worries and meet your boss, you may be able to make a fortune, but I need to remind you that many technical experts are often deceived by the unscrupulous primary school graduates. Why? The heart is too soft, so it is easy to trust the pledge that others have the same credibility as us. In fact, many people in the community sell for the benefit of their brothers, not to mention your outsider? Scammers often say: the higher the education level, the better. Although this is not the case, it is an indisputable fact that there are more people reading books.

If your knowledge is aging and the young people around you start to show disdain for you, dude, you should think about whether you have resigned in an effort to support your family. But where do I go after I quit? Is it not the same for another company? When looking for a job at this age, the supervisor may be younger than you. When people look at your vicissitudes of life, your old face may show pity. Don't mind, at least it is much better than looking down on it, for the sake of life can endure, let's take a step back!

Life is impermanence. Many technical experts take it for granted that they are also a master in business and they are also a master in dealing with people. In fact, this is very wrong. Most technical experts do not have a good interpersonal relationship. In fact, DSP is just one of the countless skills that a person needs in his life, it's better to brag and be afraid of being more practical. No way. This is society, and this is life! As soon as the technical experts enter the business field, they often have nothing to do with it and quickly feel uncomfortable. They are totally different from what they thought. You have to say what you think is immoral and do what you think is immoral.
If you cannot adapt, I'm sorry, but you have to wait for failure.

It is easy for intellectuals to go to extremes. Just now, they are very arrogant. If they encounter some setbacks, they will immediately be pessimistic and disappointed. They doubt themselves. This is a manifestation of immature psychological quality. To solve social problems with the thinking of solving technical problems, it is often necessary to carry on the trend! Although many old engineers gradually realized this problem, ** it is so easy to change their character and thinking inertia for a long time.

Dilemma! This is the dilemma of middle-aged engineers. Some people may be struggling to change, but most people can only sink in sorrow. Those engineers who work in universities, large state-owned enterprises, or research institutions are lucky. They have good research conditions and don't have to worry about so many things. They just need to focus on catching up with the technology frontier, although it cannot be developed, at least there is no worries about life. If it is done well, you can also get an X or other science and technology award. You should give a senior engineer, Professor, or researcher a title, and leave it to your neighbors, if you have millions of dogs selling fruit, you will be very polite. You still have some faces. Aren't our engineers just interested in your face? If you work in a company
With a lot of worries, the sense of crisis will become heavier and heavier, especially in private or foreign-funded enterprises, pure market economy, and research or R & D environments driven by pure economic interests, in addition, they are always facing the crisis of being fired. Of course, bosses want to hire the best engineers with the least money. Don't blame others. If you are the boss, it may be even worse. Who is willing to spend your money.

Do it yourself! --- This is what many people complain about. That's right! You can do it on your own, but first check whether you are the Expected One! Even if you are a technical expert, there are still a lot of things you lack, and even the advantage in front of the Primary School boss is not obvious. People have a wide range of social relationships, have a hard heart, and are brave enough. This is better than you! Yes, you know the technology. He doesn't understand it, but is it difficult to find someone who understands the technology in today's society? How many experts wearing high myopia glasses are waiting to see his boss. Isn't it better to let others work hard on development than to make debugging and programming smarter?

Changing your mindset, changing your mindset, and putting yourself and the illiterate boss selling fast food at the same level is the first step for your success! It is useless to think about changing the light and lying down, just dreaming in the daytime! Put down your computer and oscilloscope, and go to your cousin's food stall to help sell food, let's see how your cousin, who graduated from elementary school, said hello to people, how to introduce products, how to talk about prices, and how to retain old customers... The internship lasts for several months to ensure you have a long understanding, and you will be able to deeply reflect on yourself! These learning skills are not inferior to your Java skills at all. They are worth further research to ensure the lifetime benefit !!

You must have the courage and courage to make a bet. When you start a business, you need to make up your mind to invest and make decisions, these uncultured bosses that you looked down upon to make decisions and take risk measures, and you accept the flood and flood measures. Now it is different. What you lose is your own hard-earned money, it is inevitable to hesitate and be cautious, but you must dare to gamble at the crucial moment. Without such courage and courage, it cannot be a major event. At this time, many engineers have been scaling down as much as the boss who once despised it. Why? I spent other people's money, but now I spent my own money!

Engineers are kind and Frank. This is an advantage, but the business field is like a battlefield. You need to make sure that you are willing to fight! Textbooks, business classics, and successful entrepreneurs teach us to win customers with good faith, but the reality is that you will be calculated and lost, you need to know what kind of kindness your customers don't know, and you need to be brave. If you are satisfied, you will lose money. Of course, if you are willing to give your money to others, it is another matter, but remember, when people get your money, they laugh at you as stupid. Can you accept and be happy? Good intentions in business may not have good news! This is not an alarmist. People with a little business mind and experience have a clear understanding of it.
White, but it won't be said! Credit-less people talk about integrity all day long. Why? If I tell the truth, how can I calculate you next time? Will it make you smarter to guard against him? In this case, is business all fraudulent? Of course not, but you need to identify it rationally to avoid future growth and loss of blood!

The market is a dynamic and complex learning. It is worth several years for engineers to study their computers! Understanding the market and determining the market are the key to success. The knowledge of the market cannot be obtained only from newspapers or television. The knowledge of the market has been like beef injected with water. The taste has changed, and many tips and insider information cannot be obtained from these channels. Want to engage in real estate? Do developers know how to plot with property agents to temporarily hire a large number of fake buyers to create a hot snap-up scene to lure the real buyers into being hooked? Do you know how to fabricate a homebuyer to defraud a bank loan? Haha, in fact, every industry has a lot of potential rules, xuanjicang, and outsiders don't understand it! If you rely on
With a little knowledge of books and newspapers, you can immediately get involved. The start of entrepreneurship is the beginning of failure! With more thoughts on understanding and exploring industry secrets and secrets, you may wish to make friends with industry veterans to ensure you have benefited a lot !!

In my life, many senior engineers and professors bring projects across the sea. They have good ideas and projects, but most of them end badly due to their own problems, in the end, we only hate others (especially investors), but we do not reflect on our own shortcomings. These never-growing engineers will make the same mistake and fail again next time! Technology is not equal to the market or success. The market conversion rate of patented technologies is less than 1%, and many of these poor 1% are the outcome of failure. Only by clearly understanding the status quo can you better grasp your future.

Haha, this is actually some of my experiences and experiences over the years. I hope we will be inspired by our middle-aged engineers. In fact, there are still a lot of feelings. Let's stay and enrich it later!

Finally, please give it a try after reading it, so that more brothers can see it. You are also welcome to exchange and make progress together!

I read the speeches of several senior colleagues in the morning. Here I will explain my personal situation:

I have been away from specific technologies since five years ago and have successively engaged in management and marketing planning, striving to change myself and improve my overall quality. I have worked as a chief engineer, Vice President, and general manager. After several years of hard work, I started my own business. Although I dare not say it was developed, the general situation is no worse than the middle-aged engineers of IBM and Microsoft in China.

Daily busy with trivial chores, recruitment, advertising, marketing planning, logistics ..., I think that every aspect has a lot of knowledge and is worth further research. I used to simply do technology and have a narrow vision. I always thought that technology is everything. In fact, this wrong understanding has also touched many sides, A lot of detours have taken place!

Technology is indeed getting increasingly unfamiliar, but it is irrelevant. With more than a decade of technical accumulation, it is still okay to grasp the direction of products, so it is not better for young people to concentrate on programming and debugging? So did we.

After graduating from college that year, I was assigned to a National Research Institute for Research and Development of Military Products (haha, during the past two years, I also participated in the design of a key model of popular military forum products, although I only designed two circuits, I still feel a little proud.) after more than a decade, I looked at the old colleagues who were still working in the previous research institute, I don't have the skills to write or write my thesis.) I think my transformation is correct, because at least after several years of hard work, be able to grasp your own destiny, be able to live in the way you want, instead of passively endure and endure due to the pressure of life, thus losing your dream

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