After I entered ACM, I became clear about my direction!!!

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August 29, 2015, from Chenzhou than after the race, the situation is not imagined optimism, I was stuck in a math problem, I thought this topic is really easy, naïve thought hit the table can knock out, but did not, cross in an end condition above, than after the game really want to smoke their own meal, Why can't I think of the end condition at that time?

In the absence of a meal before entering the arena, the teacher told us that our four freshman was recruited into the training team, then the mood was both excited and nervous, of course, the burden on the shoulders and a heavy layer. Remember freshman year, I participated in a "College student Planning Competition", a "career planning contest for college students", at that time I ignorant, as if only know I learn this major, only programming, only the programmer this one post, in two hundred or three hundred people on stage, I told both are very dazed said, My dream after ten years is to be a-programmer; in high school, when I choose Computer Application This major, my dream is to be a secretary, and my class study Committee wrote the dream is to be the boss, the classmates all laughed at me, later, I get up the more I feel the more suitable as a secretary, so, I want to turn myself into an all-round secretary, I am in the exercise of their various aspects of the ability, I will word,excle,ppt, play the mastery, I will be fingering to practice fast, with the trend, playing Wubi, I can imagine my boss working scene, the boss point of the call machine, I immediately came to his desk with coffee; The boss went out to work, for this, I also reported a driver's license, but so far I have not got a driver's license, I have to drive for the boss, drive to the boss want to go to the place, the boss sees me as his most effective helper, less me, his career is less a pillar; I want to be such a secretary, so it seems , my dream is very small, but I am very satisfied.

Later, I was brought into the ACM, from the New Year's day after the start of each game, I will go to participate, although I did not join the ACM Association, but this association welcomes every programming hobby to join, in each game, although I do not take the most balloons, but I am always the first person in the computer room to get balloons , I attack to the studio, each of the studio seniors learn elder sister are I admire the object, I admire them in so many people stand out, into the studio training, a chance, let me into the summer camp training, began very confused, in the money and knowledge at the time of measurement, I have the wit of the choice of knowledge, even without money, In the summer camp, let me know, knowledge of the precious, at the same time I am glad, I did a very right choice, a summer vacation, I learned in the heart, afraid than others score poor, so on the death of the study, the practice of death, brush questions, daily 6:30 up, night 12 o'clock to sleep days, let me become the country's first-class protection of animals --Panda. But I've been holding on. I started the goal is to enter the studio, later I greedy, I want to enter the training team, but also afraid of lack of qualifications, so hard to learn. I think I can not be in the study of all aspects of the curriculum, but I can in the programming to continue my dream, this is not a struggle, a struggle, a victory!

Back to school, received a letter from the TU teacher, I was left in the training team, I jumped up, I still remember the letter in a word, let me filled with emotion, after the life, is 3.1 line of life, 610 studio-classroom-bedroom. Whenever one or two classes do not have class, I will get up 6:30, seven o'clock will sit in 610, quietly knocking the code. Whenever a day full of lessons, I ran up at noon to hit the code, I feel that one day not in front of my computer sat so long time I was not reconciled in mind.

Now that I have found my direction, I should fight for it, spend time for it, pay for it, the programmer is not unreachable, I think I am closer to it ...

After I entered ACM, I became clear about my direction!!!

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