Alpha Version Summary

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Alpha Version Summary

General Questions

A) What is went well? Why?

The success: the interface design is concise, the function attracts the user.

Reason: Railway University students on self-study is not convenient, there is no fixed classroom, so this software can solve everyone's trouble. And the examination week comes, the examination week inquires more convenient.

b) What is particularly problematic? Why?

The problem is larger: Basic ability query is not implemented.

Reason: The operation of the database has a certain weakness, do not understand the operation of the Visual database and Android database query.

c) What should has been done differently?

What should be improved: Scrum does not have a detailed plan, sometimes people do not know what to do, there is relatively little communication, cooperation is inefficient.

D) What planned results do you successfully accomplish/fail to accomplish? Why?

Successful completion of the plan: UI design completed, database creation succeeded.

Unfinished Program: Query function, about self-study function.

Reason: At the beginning of the agile development is not reflected, we communicate with each other less, will be the most important function has been dragged to the end, and finally did not achieve.

e) What does differently in Beta stage would?

In the case of C and D), we will follow the teacher's request before beta scrum begins to list the team development task schedule and the daily work schedule, not to let the task to the last, in addition, we will be in the beta phase of the original background interface modified to meet the needs of the statistical module, Also need to increase the examination Week inquiry room function.

discussed Questions

Did you have a clear problem definition, and typical user scenarios?

We have three major persona.


And the features that interest them are designed (partially implemented).

How much of your planned is done? How much is postponed to later? Why?

Only the UI and database are built, optimized and queried, and about self-study is put into beta versions. Because of the knowledge of the database and the collation of SQLite operations.

Did you does any work that is later abandoned or unnecessary or had minimal impact due to changed plans?

There are two main places where work is abandoned.

1, rub the class function to give up, because with the study room does not have the relation, the conflict, and and the class school has the intersection.

Was the exit criteria defined clearly enough?

Not clear enough, because the display is particularly monotonous, almost only the interface for others to see, and there are many bug not fixed, many features are not implemented.

Did you have a test plan? If not, why?

Yes, but not good enough.


In the beta phase, the added functionality is improved and tested.

Did you feel this had all the necessary tools to test code?

No. In the beta period, we'll try Sikuli for GUI testing.

Teamwork and communication

1. How is the team formed?

The more familiar classmates together.

2. How does "leader" emerge from the team members?

The team leader is more organized and leadership.

3. How do you go thru forming/storming/norming/performing stages?

We have held a number of meetings, usually first summed up the current progress, and then put forward the need to discuss the content, some people put forward the proposal, some people put forward the possibility of the problem, the team leader is responsible for reminding everyone to discuss the objectives, so as not to digress. Comprehensive opinion, will consider the meaning of the program, the implementation of the difficulty, in general, our final plan is more practical and rational, the implementation phase is basically smooth.

Alpha Version Summary

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