An agile tool that uses EXCEL to automatically generate a story card

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What is a story card?

The story card is a task card that is attached to the story wall. The story card is moved to different States during daily website meetings. Make the project process more visualized.

It is also called a panel.

As shown in, the cards on the whiteboard are basically hand-written with notepaper. The advantage is that there are many style notes and they are intuitive.

With the purpose of "Laziness is the greatest virtue of programmers", we are ashamed to ask: can we be more lazy?

We usually organize tasks after the sprint planning meeting into a list in Excel, such:

Each row above is a card, but you just need to change the arrangement method. In fact, you can combine the "mail merge" function in word to achieve this, but you only need to adjust it manually. It is not too lazy !!

If you are a little lazy, you can use VBA. You have never written VBA before. It took a few hours yesterday to complete this tool () that can be completely lazy. The operation is as follows:

The effect is as follows:

For more information, see help sheet.


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