Analysis of Baidu Word segmentation technology and Google stemming technology

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Do SEO are aware of Google's stemming technology and Baidu's word segmentation technology, about his careful explanation of Baidu or Google can find a lot, this also does not add to this, today mainly say how can see Google's stemming technology and hundred of participle technology. I just according to some of their own small experience, I hope we can better understand the stem technology and the difference between the technology, in the future targeted optimization a little help. Believe Seoer have used Google administrator tools, to my blog as an example, look at the following figure:

You'll see some of the search keywords listed in the Google Admin tool backstage, you will find that there is a "RIP" search volume is relatively large, and actually my blog with this word only "Apple does not tear the skin" of the word, and he does not think of this as a word, but a part of a sentence, In fact, Google has made a lot of progress, just entered the Chinese market is a joke more, now from the above can be seen that he can be divided into clear phrases, but there are a small number of will not be clear, such as: Apple does not tear the skin, the use of less people, he was confused, compared to the English page, Google's accuracy is higher , a few days ago in a very small teacher lectures to know a hidden semantic search, there is time to think about it.

Here is a look at Baidu's word segmentation technology, or to experiment, in Baidu Search: Apple does not tear the skin, click on my blog Baidu snapshot, the following figure:

He will be the word as a word to match, in the snapshot has a callout, and then search in Baidu: Apple tear skin, look at the picture below

Baidu will automatically match this incomplete word, and in the snapshot in different colors, he will search the entire page to match the word, the most relevant page he will give a higher weight, so have a certain ranking advantage. Compared to what can be concluded, Baidu's word segmentation technology is more suitable for China's search habits, but Google's technology updates faster, if the recessive semantic search mature, should be more suitable for people to search, but the individual thought that need a relatively large database of search habits to complete such a task, so short time estimates will not be applied, I hope it's as soon as possible.

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