Analysis on the optimization strategy of the new station's pre-line based on its own experience

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With the Internet marketing and web site promotion of the growing popularity of many novice friends want to have their own online operating platform, a site is a lot of novice friends to accumulate experience and step into the business of E-commerce for the current situation, e-commerce competition is very fierce, how to do optimization and operation in the early stage of the site work, The author according to own experience and everybody share together.

First, the internal optimization strategy in the station. At present many friends are using the Open source CMS system, such a system relatively fast, its own optimization has done very well, the first thing we have to do is for the site column and structure optimization, including the name of the column and the site's physical and logical structure of the layout, the physical structure of the best use of tree-shaped structure, All directories are included in a master directory folder, the name of the directory is best to use Chinese characters shorthand or pinyin, so that when the spider visit at a glance, quickly understand the meaning of our catalogue to express. The logical structure of the site the author suggests that the use of bread crumbs navigation layer layout, the site is not only convenient for our spider program, beautiful, concise and clear to facilitate the user experience of navigation and station connection is also a problem we must pay attention to.

Second, the website content construction. Site content is the weight of the site and access to users of the foundation, the author suggested that the best quality of original articles to enrich the site, content is not more, we can every day in a fixed period of time to write, write for the industry or in favor of the user's original articles, The quality of the article is the first spider site content and improve the weight of the foundation, secondly, we should be aware of the relevant articles in the industry whether the sale of products or specific services to provide users with valuable information, and to guide users to generate purchase demand or stimulate their interest in the news products of our company motivation is very critical. Therefore, the proposed early in the process of building content to ensure the quality of the site content, followed by a fixed period of time each day to publish, not only to provide users with the latest valuable information, but also spiders crawl and include the basis of the content of the site, the accumulation of the site before the weight is undoubtedly helpful

Third, the website link construction strategy. New station line early, especially within half a month of the site I do not recommend too much energy into the link building this piece, I suggest that the site is indexed by the Search engine home page and content pages, especially in the pages included in more than 50 times when this time to consider the arrangement of the chain strategy, but the early outreach of this piece we can not relax, Here to remind you that the quality of the previous chain must be high quality stability of the chain as the basis, there are soft foundation of friends can be in the A5 Webmaster Station or tui18 platform for soft paper submissions, soft text is included after the quality of the chain is beyond doubt, Gesanchaiwu for Soft Wen released, are in the early stage is very conducive to the growth of the site and weight accumulation, and secondly, you can do the appropriate link exchange or join the link platform, in short, the previous site was indexed by the search engine and recognition is that we do outside the chain core principles.

Four, the website security stability Strategy must keep in mind. This piece actually contains two levels of meaning, first of all, the site's normal access must be guaranteed, because the new station is a search engine of the key period, not only the station inside the station outside these basic factors, server factors are also the basis for the accumulation of early weight, the server here I suggest stability is the foundation You must ensure that the site can be opened anytime, because the site is a normal visit is the spider to measure the trust level of the foundation, now with the accuracy of the spider algorithm, once the server problem, the general weight of the site will immediately fall to 100 pages, the old station even so, the new station we have to be more cautious. Second, site security factors. Timely update the site's patches, for the Web site to download the latest updates, do a good job of directory permissions, to prevent Trojans and other vulnerable to the development of the site is being exploited by others.

To sum up, the author will be in the new station on the line earlier operation strategy and attention and everyone to share a bit, the new station early stability and access to spiders and user recognition is our goal, not for the immediate benefit of the golden eggs finally often outweigh the benefits, this is the author wants to remind a lot of impatient friends Well, today I will share with you to this side, I hope for everyone can help. SEO more strategies Welcome to join the SEO practical Exchange QQ Group: 54641201 discussion, this article by the Intranet security original starting ADMIN5 welcome everyone to reprint, please keep the site source, thank you for your cooperation.

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