Applied Windows Live custom domains (1)-Overview

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Applied Windows Live custom domains (1) Overview

Windows Live custom domains (wlcd) is simply a kind of configuration that allows you to register and configure top-level domain names, then you can enjoy the convenient and programmable interface account management provided by Microsoft and use Hotmail or Windows Live Mail as the mail service platform. Similar services are also being implemented by Google and Netease, but wlcd is the first out of Beta.

Wlcd is worth the following features:
1. Convenient registration and Configuration:
Log on to the with your Windows Live ID and enter your domain name. after next, wlcd will show you how to configure your domain name MX record. After the configuration is complete, wait for the record to refresh.

2. Supports unlimited users.
3. you can add user in either of the following ways, first, you can add it manually as Administrator (in the following articles, we will use the SDK provided by wlcd to create an easier-to-use app programmatically to simplify this operation. process ), the second is to apply for registration (open membership service, whether to enable administrator control ).

4. All registered IDs are Windows Live IDs and can enjoy all Windows Live services, such as directly logging on to Live Messenger.
5. Registered users use hotmail to manage their mailboxes by default, but they can apply for Windows Live Mail. Hotmail supports MB space, while Live Mail supports 2 GB space. as well as provides a good operation interface and integrated contact function. No matter which one is used, users who use Windows Mobile have good pocket support. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this mail server Combination Model and groove are indispensable in the future.
6. wlcd provides 15 language versions for 21 countries.
7. Using Microsoft smartscreen technology, users do not have to be severely harassed by spam.
8. Emails can be used to check and clear viruses.
9. Web services are made public for users to manage users in a programmable manner. The Web version of wlcd only provides operations for a single user. With the help of the SDK, we can easily migrate existing users from the current mail server to the wlcd, let's take a look at the Windows Live custom domains SDK.

To be continued...

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