ASP. net mvc 4 preview, ASP. NET 4.5 Developer Preview, and Visual Studio 11 developer priview

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1. ASP. net mvc 4 Preview

Official Address:Http://

Introduction to ASP. net mvc 4 in Phil's blog:

Http:// Utm_source = feedburner & utm_medium = feed & utm_campaign = feed % 3A + haacked + % 28you % 27ve + been + haacked % 29

I used to read one of his articles.ArticleAs mentioned above, MVC mainly enhances jquery Ajax applications, adds controls similar to web form, and provides comprehensive support for mobile applications.

Detailed information list:

  • Http:// is our "official" summary page for information ASP. net mvc 4, and we'll keep this updated with the latest information about ASP. net mvc 4 through the release cycle.
  • Release Notes-The release notes are the best way to find out what's new and changed.
  • ASP. net mvc Forum-If you run into any questions or issues, posting on the ASP. NET forums is the best way to get feedback from the product team and the broader ASP. net mvc community.
  • ASP. net mvc 4 mobile featuresTutorial-ASP. net mvc 4 has a significant focus on developing for mobile platforms, and Rick Anderson's excellent tutorial is a great way to get up to speed.
  • Phil haack's blog post (ASP. net mvc 4 Developer Preview released)-Phil announces the release as well as his ASP. net mvc 4 and nuget related talks at build.
  • ASP. net mvc 4 Roadmap-The ASP. net team doesn' t keep secret secrets, and they publicly announced the complete roadmap for ASP. net MVC 4 months ago. the Developer Preview hints at where things cocould go, but if you want to see the complete vision for the released product, the roadmap is the best way to find out.

2. ASP. NET 4.5 Developer Preview

On the 15th, msdn users can download 9.16. ASP. NET runtime and ASP. NET web pages add many new features.

ASP. NET core runtime and framework

  • Asynchronously reading and writing HTTP requests and responses.
  • Improvements to httprequest handling
  • Asynchronously flushing a response
  • SupportAwaitAndTask-Based Asynchronous modules and handlers
  • Asynchronous HTTP modules
  • Asynchronous HTTP handlers
  • New ASP. NET Request validation features
  • Deferred ("lazy") Request Validation
  • Support for unvalidated requests
  • Anti-XSS Library
  • Support for websockets Protocol
  • Bundling and minification
  • performance improvements for Web Hosting

    • key performance factors
    • requirements for new performance features
    • sharing common assemblies
    • using multi-core JIT compilation for faster startup
    • tuning garbage collection to optimize for memory
    • prefetching for Web applications
  • ASP. NET web forms
    • Stronugly typed Data Controls
    • Model binding
      • Selecting data
      • Value providers
      • Filtering by values from a control
    • HTML encoded data-binding expressions
    • Unobtrusive Validation
    • HTML5 updates

3. Visual Studio 11 developer priview

There are many new features, mainly JavaScript and CSS. The functions of the HTML editor are enhanced. In addition, IIS Express is embedded.

Visual Web Developer 11 Developer Preview

  • HTML editor

    • smart tasks
    • WAI-ARIA support
    • New HTML5 snippets
    • extract to user control
    • intelliisense for code nuggets in attributes
    • automatic renaming of matching tag when you Rename an opening or closing tag
    • event handler generation
    • smart indent
    • auto-Reduce statement completion
  • JavaScript Editor
    • code outlining
    • brace matching
    • go to definition
    • ecmascript5 support
    • Dom intelliisense
    • vsdoc signature overloads
    • implicit references
  • CSS Editor
    • Auto-Reduce statement completion
    • Hierarchical indentation
    • CSS hacks support
    • Vendor Specific Schemas (-moz-,-WebKit)
    • Commenting and uncommenting support
    • Color Picker
    • Snippets
    • Custom regions
  • Page inspector
  • Publishing
    • Publish profiles
    • ASP. NET precompilation and merge
  • IIS Express
4. ASP. NET web pages 2 Developer Preview

ASP. NET web pages 2

    • New and updated site templates
    • Improved Input Validation
    • Resource management
    • Enhanced membership and authentication
    • Side-by-side execution
    • Mobile device rendering
    • The maps helper
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