Atitit Gaussian Blur Gaussian blur principle and implementation and use

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Atitit Gaussian Blur principle and purpose of Gaussian Blur

1.1. Gaussian blur   principle ( + weight of normal distribution 1

1.2. Gaussian blur   purpose ( Span style= "font-family: Song body; Font-size:10.5000pt "> matte , frosted glass effect background bokeh 1

1.3. parameter radus1

1.4. implementation of Gaussian blur ( third-party library )1

1.5. Java Source code 1

1.1. The principle of Gaussian blur ( average of surrounding pixels + weight of normal distribution )

Gaussian Blur _ Baidu encyclopedia. html

Typically, image processing software provides a " Blur " (Blur) filter that blurs the image

There are many kinds of " fuzzy " algorithms, one of which is called " Gaussian Blur " (Gaussian Blur). It uses the normal distribution ( aka " Gaussian distribution ") for image processing.

1.2. use of Gaussian Blur ( peeling , frosted glass effect , bokeh

freckled face with a smooth figure Grinding Skin

1.3. parameter radus

1.4. implementation of Gaussian blur ( third-party library )


import   JavaFX scene Span style= "Font-family:consolas; Color: #e6e6fa; font-size:12.0000pt; Background: #000000 ". effect Span style= "Font-family:consolas; Color: #e6e6fa; font-size:12.0000pt; Background: #000000 ". gaussianblur



New Gaussianfilter(5).Filter(Copy, NULL);

1.5. Java Source code

Gaussian Blur _ Baidu Encyclopedia . HTML

Photoshop uses a Gaussian blur filter to make a full-face freckle character Smooth Skin tutorial _ scripting House. htm

Gaussian Blur algorithm -LU Songsong blog. html

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Atitit Gaussian Blur Gaussian blur principle and implementation and use

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