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Disclaimer: This series of courses is designed for beginners to start the exercise, the purpose is to pass a complete questionnaire management system case to enable beginners to understand, deepen or become familiar with the project development process and in. NET platform for use on

VS2005 and C # for Windows programming, and in the design of the course, I try to avoid or not discuss the underlying and performance optimization, so the master can completely ignore this series of courses.

This lesson will bring you together to implement the installation and deployment of the system, that is, the system packaging. This course is a practical course, its design ideas also have nothing to say, so the arrangement of this course will follow the arrangement of the third lesson,

That is, through the operation of the steps to explain. First step: Create a new Windows Setup project

Open VS2005, click "File"--> "new"--> "project", in the pop-up dialog box, select "Other item Type" on the left, and select "Install Project" on the right.

and enter "Questionnairesystemsetup" in the following name, Solution selection: Add the solution, and select the appropriate save location, click "OK", as shown in Figure 9-1 below:

Figure 9-1

Such a new Windows Setup project is created.

Step Two: Add Project output and project resource files

After you have created the installation project, add the project output first, which is to add the system master output file that we had written before to the installation project to package it up.

Method: Right-click the "Questionnairesystemsetup" project name, select "Add"-> "project Output" in the pop-up menu, then select "Main Output" in the pop-up dialog box, and click OK,

As shown in Figure 9-2 below:

Figure 9-2

OK, so the main output of the project is added, so we will add the resource files required by the project to the installation project.

First, we create a new two folders in the Application folder in the file system on the target computer on the left side of the File System window [method: Right-click-> add à folder],

One for the database, one for the images, respectively used to store the system's data files and systems in the images folder in the picture and other resources; After adding a good folder, we will then separate the database files in the system

And all of the resource files in the Images folder are added to the newly created two folders [method: Right-click à add à file, find the required resource in the pop-up dialog box, click Select],

Added after the following figure 9-3 shows:

Figure 9-3

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