Basic knowledge of computer motherboard chip level maintenance

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With the rapid development of electronic technology and the rapid improvement of people's living standard, the popularization and update of computer is getting faster and bigger. Integration, more and more digital, fault type and fault phenomenon more and more difficult to grasp, as the motherboard chip-level maintenance personnel, is to continuously improve their professional knowledge and maintenance skills.

As a computer maintenance personnel, in addition to the need to have the basic knowledge of computer installation and debugging, especially to the computer host structure and function of a comprehensive understanding. Also need to master the computer components of the installation and commissioning skills, signal and voltage detection skills, as well as a variety of testing tools and computer maintenance tools, such as the use of skills.

The computer motherboard is one of the computer components, but also all the computer components of the largest volume, almost all computer components need to host the connection through the motherboard. If the motherboard's own failure or associated device failure and software failure, etc., may cause the computer motherboard can not work. So, maintenance personnel must have a certain understanding of the composition of the computer system, clear the relationship between the main equipment and the role of computer systems, can be proficient in the use of various operating systems, understand the common computer terminology, identify computer motherboards in different types of components, motherboard interface, slots, sockets and chips, Familiar with the interface of computer motherboards and the functional characteristics of common electronic components, master the possibility of computer board-induced failure, have the ability to analyze faults independently.

Computer motherboards, like other electronic products, is also composed of electronic components, integrated circuits and so on. But the computer motherboard not only has the straight inserts the element, but also has many patches the piece component. Therefore, for the computer board maintenance personnel must be resistors, capacitors, inductors and semiconductor diodes, transistors, FET, integrated circuits and other commonly used devices features and functions have a certain understanding, can identify different electronic components. In addition, the basic knowledge of analog/digital circuits should also be mastered. Understand the characteristics of circuit signals, applications, with the basic knowledge of the circuit reading skills.

Learn the basic maintenance methods of computer motherboards, master a variety of instrumentation motherboard diagnostics card, play resistance card, fake load, programmer and other testing equipment, the use of characteristics and applications, skilled use of tools and instruments to treat testing parts inspection, identification and judging the quality of parts, is the first step of the motherboard maintenance. Some people only read, learn the circuit and not to contact the computer motherboard or to carry out the actual operation, is not quickly master motherboard maintenance points, and some people do not want to read, do not understand the computer Board circuit features and technical features, blindly repair will not quickly grasp the motherboard maintenance methods. Therefore, to learn the circuit structure, working principle and signal flow, at the same time the actual computer motherboards, identify components, detection signal waveform and work voltage. Encounter the problem theory, and then practice, learn from other people's experience, only in this way can quickly master the motherboard maintenance methods.

In short, as a computer motherboard maintenance staff, in addition to master the above knowledge, but also in the maintenance process to accumulate experience, familiar with the computer board of various fault phenomena, which improve the maintenance efficiency and maintenance staff's skill level greatly help.

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