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Single-chip computer test questions

storedMOV R1, #78H; IN0 Channel locationMOV R2, #08H; analog channel numberMOVX @R1, A; start A/D conversionSETB IT0; external interrupt 0 is the Edge trigger modeSETB EX0; Allow external interrupt 0 interruptSETB EA; open CPU InterruptHere : SJMP hereEXINF0: PUSH PSW Protection siteCLR RS0CLSR RS1MOVX A, @R1; Read conversion resultsMOV @R0, A; Storage resultsINC R0INC R1DJNZ R2,next; 8 channel not finished, then take the next channelCLR EX0; After acquisition, stop interruptSJMP DoneNEXT: MOVX

Single-chip computer C language

Single chip computer C language one ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________PretreatmentA macro definition: 1, without parameters:#define-Identifier constant expression/* #define是宏定义命令, Macro name (identifier) good habit to use the capital * *#define NIL 0x80 2, with parameters:/* equivalent to small function * *#define Macro Name (parameter table) string/* N

Single-chip computer learning Note 1

First, the concept of single-chip microcomputer, application.Microcontroller is also called MCU (microcontroller).is aIC Chip, is the use ofLarge scale integrated circuittechnology that has the ability to process dataCpuCPU,Random memoryRAM,Read-only memory rom, multiple I/O ports, andInterrupt System,Timer/Counter and other functions (may also include a display driver circuit,Pulse width modulationcircuit,

51 single-chip computer printf use method

Today in the group there is a Netizen mentioned 51 single-chip computer using printf why the compilation passed, but no effect. Here to share my notes, the experiment itself does not make much sense, mainly to record 51 how the single-chip microcomputer should use the printf function.Experiment Name: Serial communication single

The most suitable for novice beginners single-chip computer 40 experiments free download

The most suitable for novice beginners single-chip computer 40 experiments free downloadFor beginners single-chip microcomputer 40 experiments, with source code, need information of Dabigatran: 813238832You can also go to the Network Technology forum to download more about the microcontroller, MTK information and learning casesAnalog Switch Lights1. Experimental

Basic knowledge of computer motherboard chip level maintenance

With the rapid development of electronic technology and the rapid improvement of people's living standard, the popularization and update of computer is getting faster and bigger. Integration, more and more digital, fault type and fault phenomenon more and more difficult to grasp, as the motherboard chip-level maintenance personnel, is to continuously improve their professional knowledge and maintenance skil

STC12C5A60S2 single-Chip computer serial debugging

val) the { the //IE2 = 0x00; //Turn off serial 2 interrupt94 theS2buf =Val; the while((S2con 0x02) ==0); theS2con =0xFD; 98 About //IE2 = 0x01; //Resume Serial 2 interrupt - } 101 102 103 104 voidUART1_SENDSTR (UCHAR *str) the { 106 while((*STR)! ='/0' ) 107 { 108Uart1_sendonechar (*str); 109str++; the } 111 } the 113 the the voidUART2_SENDSTR (UCHAR *str) the { 117 while((*STR)! ='/0' ) 118 { 119Uart2_sendonechar (*str); -s

Information about computer chip architecture

Label: Ar uses C information computer product mil architecture it Ia32: 32 bits intel architecture (32-bit bandwidth intel architecture)IA64: 64 bits intel architecture (64-bit bandwidth intel architecture)I386: Intel 386 (the old 386 machine, also refers to the ia32 system CPU)IMG: Intel 486I586: Intel 586 (Pentium, K6-level CPU)I686: Intel 686 (Pentium II, Pentium III, pentim 4, K7 CPU) The above 86 can also be called x86. In general, x86 also ref

51 single-chip computer racing lights

/*-----------------------------------------------Name: Running Lights Date: 2009.5 modified: No content: The cycle of light P1 port corresponding to the 8 LED lights, Results in a circular water-lit effect------------------------------------------------*/#include//contains the header file, the general situation does not need to change, the header file contains the special function registers the definition/*------------------------------------------------Delay subroutine--------------------------

Love single-chip computer · Reflection

Self-reflection: rehearse in your own mind.Like playing chess, before you go, what happens when you think about walking in your head?-PrepareThe way to do things, the first lazy to prepare, because this is really to understand a little fur, not to do, strength and skills are not mastered, so to problems. Think buying a kit can be solved, buy the original kit, and not give much backup of something. So you have to buy online, time and again the freight is a problem, not worth the cost.-Get Started

The management thought of the Bluetooth single-chip computer backward person

functional handsets, but when the market turned to touch-screen smartphones, Nokia did not change its mind in time, and as the smart machine gradually replaced the function machine, Nokia's leading position was replaced. The objective of this phase should be practical, practical, and strive for a firm footing. 2. Add a new feature to pursue more markets Add a new feature to attract a number of new customers. Do market research for new customers, choose development ability, need to support less

51 single-chip computer serial port to receive and transmit data

RECEIVE_DATA_FROM_PC (void) {UINT8 C; while(!RI); C=Sbuf; RI=0; return(c);}//----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- voidsend_data_to_pc (UINT8 c) { while(!TI); TI=0; Sbuf=C;}//----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- voidMain (void){ //-------------

De STM32 single-chip computer learning (a)--download environment construction

One, download driver installation, 1, manually open the CH341 folder (within the driver folder), double-click the installation driver2, Nemo m3s development hardware settingsThe hardware needs to do the following 2 points:1, USB plug USB1 (COM), turn on the power switch J14 (blue and white switch), and install the driver2, boot boot jump cap insertion position, BOOT1 set 0,boot0 settings 0,j15 position, positive look, jumping caps are inserted in the lower end.3. Use FLYMCU to download(1) First

51 single-chip computer sixth---LCD LCD display module

I didn't see the LCD screen. Forget the money, buy a program first./******************************************************************************** Experiment Name: LCD1602 experiment * Use of IO:LCD use P0 * Experimental results: Display love* on the LCD screen Note: *******************************************************************************/#incl Ude 51 single-chip computer sixth---LCD LCD display mo

51 single-chip computer serial port to send Chinese character display garbled problem __ garbled problem

A period of time to do Bluetooth communication, single-chip computer serial port to send the total display garbled characters, the code is as follows: Send a Bytevoid sendbyte (unsigned char dat){sbuf = dat;while (! TI);TI = 0;}Send a stringvoid Sendstr (unsigned char *s){while (*s!= '){Sendbyte (*s);s++;}} Call Sendstr in the main function ("Current data is:"); Observe the serial debugging assistant dis

Where to start with a single-chip computer?

In fact, learning single-chip computer This kind of thing is not what single-chip computer learning Forum, first look at the information books, and then practice, if you encounter any problem can not solve the online search for information, on the network on the single-chip

Encrypted transmission of data--tea encryption and decryption algorithm implemented on single chip computer (turn)

Source: Encrypted transmission of data--tea encryption and decryption algorithm implemented on single chip microcomputerHeroes in doing data transmission, have not considered the data encryption for transmission, if the serial or wireless data to be transmitted in the encryption, it is not to increase the security of communications. Commonly used encryption and decryption algorithms such as DES, RSA, limited by the single-

Using VB 6.0 to realize the communication between network remote PC and single chip computer

In the design of all kinds of SCM application system, often encountered SCM and PC communication problems, in the speed is not high, the transmission distance is not far from the general use of RS 232 standard serial interface to achieve, in the transmission distance from the occasion, there are scholars to study the network to achieve communication between the PC. However, it is an urgent problem to meet both high speed and long-distance PC communication with MCU. With the development of inform

Single-chip computer serial communication RXD and TXD How to connect the detailed that a lot of people on the microcontroller and computer or chip communication, RXD and txd How to connect more confused. Because in some circuit diagram, there are some direct connection method, there are some cross-linking method, let a person a bit puzzled.The first thing to understand is the two concepts, DTE and DCE. DTE refers to data ter

51 single-chip computer serial communication

First, learn some basic concepts. RS232 Level: Logic 1 (MARK) =-3v~-15v, Logic 0 (SPACE) =+3~+15v TTL level: + + is equivalent to logic "1", 0V equivalent to logic "0" TXD: Send data transmit the P31 of single chip microcomputer RXD: Receiving data, P30 of MCU Baud rate: The rate at which a single-chip or computer communicates at the serial port, defined as the n

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