Basic Linux Tutorials

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TSHARE365 team decided to write some basic knowledge of getting started, hope that the small white people familiar with Linux faster, there is not too much theory, some just dry! The following is the learning route, the article will continue to update, in the course of learning any problems encountered, can also leave a message!

Basic Learning Route Guide (the article continues to update)

We use CENTOS6 systems here, and if you use other systems, there may be some areas where you need to modify them yourself.

First, download the image
    1. CENTOS6 image Download Http://

    2. Open source image station Download

Second, the installation of the CentOS system
    1. Install VMware software baidu download, installation process is very simple here omitted , note that the default NIC mode is NAT mode needs to be modified to bridge mode, if in doubt, please leave a message!

    2. VMware installation Centos6

Iii. remote connection of CentOS via Xmanager
    1. SSH Remote connection Server

Iv. start Linux on the road to formal learning
  1. Linux file and Rights Management

  2. Linux file attributes and default permissions

  3. User Management detailed

  4. Text Editor VI command detailed

  5. Soft connections and hard-link under Linux

Linux File Lookup command

    1. Linux File Lookup

    2. Linux file Lookup Find command detailed

Compression decompression under Linux
    1. Linux File Packaging compression

Installation of the package
    1. Centos installation Epel Source

    2. Linux Package Management

    3. Yum Command detailed

Linux timed execution execution
    1. Crontab timed Task

Disk partitioning
    1. Disk Partition Introduction

    2. LVM detailed

    3. CentOS mount NTFS format HDD

Linux system time synchronization
    1. NTP time synchronization

Iptables Firewall detailed
    1. Theoretical explanations

    2. Common Port Open

    3. Iptables NAT Rule Configuration

Regular expressions
    1. Text Search and regular expressions

    2. The regular expression has been grep command detailed

Shell Script
  1. Shell Programming Basics A

  2. Shell becomes basic two

  3. Circular statements commonly used in shell scripts

  4. Test commands in a shell script

  5. Shell common Scripting Little practice

  6. Shell Bulk Create Delete user

Five, Linux service article Nginx service
  1. Nginx Service Introduction

  2. Nginx Working mode

  3. Nginx Compiler Installation Http://

  4. Nginx configuration file Detailed

  5. Nginx Configuration Virtual Host

  6. Configuration of Nginx Log cutting

  7. Nginx Reverse proxy upstream module detailed

  8. LNMP Environment Construction Http://

  9. Nginx + Tomcat cluster environment building

  10. Nginx+keepalived building a highly available cluster (master-slave mode)

  11. Nginx+keepalived building a highly available cluster (dual master mode)

Tomcat Services
    1. Tomcat Service Installation Configuration

MySQL Service
    1. Compiling and installing MySQL

    2. Mysql Log Detailed

    3. Mysql Backup and Recovery

    4. Mysql Master Environment Build

Redis Service
    1. Redis installation

    2. The persistence of Redis

    3. Redis Master-Slave environment construction

MongoDB Service
    1. Installation of the service

    2. Master-Slave Architecture

    3. Configuration of the replica set

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Basic Linux Tutorials

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