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Auto End Program

NTSD is a DOS command that is used to end a dead process that is not going to end in some conventional way.
Use to end a process by entering the following command after you open cmd:
Method One: Use process PID to end process
Command format: ntsd-c q-p pid
command example: Ntsd-c q-p 1332 (end Explorer.exe process)
Example detailed: Explorer.exe PID is 1332, but how to get the process of PID? Enter tasklist under CMD to get PID for all processes in the current task Manager
Method Two: End process with process name
Command format: ntsd-c q-pn ***.exe (***.exe for process name, exe not province)
command example: Ntsd-c Q-PN explorer.exe

Another DOS command to end the process is Taskkill:
Command format: Taskkill/pid 1234/f (the same effect can be achieved.) )

more commonly used , such as: taskkill/f/im Explorer.exe (shutdown Explorer.exe process)

For example:
taskkill/s system/f/im notepad.exe/t
Taskkill/pid 1230/pid 1241/pid 1253/t
taskkill/f/im notepad.exe/im MSPaint.exe
taskkill/f/fi "PID ge 1000"/fi "windowtitle ne untitle*"
taskkill/f/fi "USERNAME eq NT authority\system"/im notepad.exe
taskkill/s system/u domain\username/fi "username ne nt*"/im *
taskkill/s system/u username/p password/fi "imagename eq note*"

taskkill/f/im TEL.exe
taskkill/f/im MT.exe
taskkill/f/im EastFaxServer.exe
taskkill/f/im EastFaxExtPrinter.exe
taskkill/f/im EastFaxService.exe
net stop MSSQLServer

Automatic shutdown

At 22:00 shutdown-s shutdown every 22:00
At 22:00/every:s shutdown-s off at 6 22:00 per week
At 22:00/every:3 shutdown-s 3rd per month 22:00 scheduled shutdown at 21:30 Shutdown-f-R Restarts the computer at 21:30 every day
At 21:30 Shutdown-f-S closes the computer at 21:30 every day with Notepad write down the shutdown-s-T after the play time is OK. If you want to get rid of it, just go straight to the shutdown-a.
That's OK.
Finally, save directly as a. bat file Start menu run type cmd return input shutdown-s-T default 60 seconds off, you need to be timed, as long as a space after the T and then enter a number (time unit is seconds). Cancel timed shutdown: shutdwon-a, answer AddAt/every:4 10:47 Shutdown-f-R can be entered at 4th 10:47 per month for restarting Computer 4
(1-31) If the day of the week can be entered (M, T, W, Th, F, S, Su) 7 days at 21:30/every:w,f,su shutdown-s-f-t 0 answer AddAt 21:30/every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su shutdown-s-f-t 0 Enter in Notepad
echo off
At 23:30 Shutdown-s-F
echo on
Then save it as a batch file and you can have a bat file (such as Aa.bat)
And then put the batch file in the beginning--the program--to start inside.

If you want to shut it down, you lose shutdown-a.

Shutdown other parameters

-I display GUI interface, must be the first option
-L logoff (cannot be used with option-m)
-S shutdown this computer
-R shutdown and restart this computer
-A abort system shutdown
-M \\computername remote computer shutdown/reboot/Abort
-T XX setting the timeout for shutdown is xx seconds
-C "comment" closes comment (maximum 127 characters)
-F forced-run application shutdown without warning
-D [u][p]:xx:yy shutdown reason code

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