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Currently, mobile phones supporting the brew function are mainly CDMA network user terminals. However, with the arrival of 3G and China Telecom's start to operate brew-based mobile value-added services, more and more mobile phones support the brew function.

As early as 2003, Nokia launched its first CDMA Mobile Phone 3589i that supports brew, which maintains the traditional style of Nokia mobile phones (8-2 ). The menu of the mobile phone is simple and easy to operate, and the common Quartet navigation key is used. It supports sending and receiving emails, surfing the internet, and other business functions. It has a super-powerful namephone number book, which can store up to 500 contacts and supports 25-name voice dialing and voice commands, supports downloading and using brew-based value-added mobile services.


The first mobile phones listed in China were kz820 and lg8088. By the end of 2003, some mobile phones supporting brew were listed in 8-3. In 2004, the ratio of brew mobile phones to CDMA mobile phones increased from 11% to 41% (monthly), B
The total number of e-W mobile phones reaches 3 6 0 thousand. A variety of low-price B r e w mobile phones are also available, and B
R e w becomes an ultra-low-end mobile phone (500 ~ RMB 800) is the only platform that can implement mobile data services. In 2004 alone, the Chinese market launched more than 50 brew mobile phones. This speed is indeed remarkable.

Percentage of brew mobile phones as of August 2007CDMAThe market share of mobile phones has increased from January in 67% to August in 86%. Almost all low-end mobile phones in the market support brew, brew 700 yuan below a total of 37 models, of which ZTE-172 + mobile phone retail price of only 340 yuan.


It is impressive that the BREW Platform is mainly used in CDMA networks, and there are few models that support this technology on GSM mobile phones. In August 2006, The European carrier O2 decided not to go the usual way. In Europe, it launched the first mobile phone that supports downloading brew applications-ice (Figure 8-4 ). As the biggest feature of the phone, the "ice" phone of O2 is equipped with the uione Technology for the first time, so it has the function of replacing the user interface through the air download (OTA. This interface change feature allows O2 to present brand updates, promotions and entertainment content, as well as software or dynamic information to the user interface, so it is very easy to sell its various value-added services to users. In addition, the brew technology makes it easier for users to download various value-added mobile services. O2 was launched based on "mshop
"The streetmap mobile value-added service of Mobile shopping makes it easier and more convenient for users to buy games, images, and ringtones.


In addition to the unique user interface download and convenient online service features such as mobile shopping, the mobile phone with the unique name looks simple in appearance, but in fact it is quite attractive in terms of functionality. It supports GSM, GPRS, and WCDMA networks and is a 3G mobile phone. Therefore, it has a high-speed download speed, which allows you to quickly download various games or songs and supports streaming media playback. In order to obtain the two-way video call function, this mobile phone also uses a dual-lens design, with a 1.3 million-pixel master camera, A secondary lens is also set on the screen of the mobile phone to implement video calls. In addition, this machine also has many popular features. The built-in player supports MP3 playback, and provides support for the expansion of the micro-SD Memory Card Based on the 32 MB large body memory.

ICE also supports USB connections and Bluetooth technology to facilitate data transmission and voice connection with other compatible devices. However, due to market positioning, the k tft screen resolution of this mobile phone is not particularly ideal. However, the light size is undoubtedly more likely to win the favor of consumers, the three-dimensional size of the machine is 117 × 49 × 14mm, the weight of 92 grams. This ice-clear 3G mobile phone will be available in Europe covered by UK and other O2 Networks starting in 1500. Its sales price is, equivalent to about yuan, it should be said that it still has a considerable price advantage.


In addition, the emergence of dual-mode mobile phones will further expand the mobile phone market that supports brew. Multiple/dual-mode mobile phones are mobile phones that can be used between networks of different technical standards. Such mobile phones support two or more different radio signal processing methods. There are a wide variety of Dual-mode mobile phones that have been listed or are being developed. The main categories are as follows: 2G supported
Dual-mode mobile phones of different standard networks; dual-mode mobile phones of 2G and 3G; dual-mode mobile phones of 3G different standard networks; dual-mode mobile phones of PHS and mobile networks. Using Dual-mode mobile phones, carriers can make up for network coverage deficiencies and meet the needs of 3G network
The evolution needs to help market entrants develop users and meet roaming needs. Dual-mode mobile phones combined with brew bring new opportunities to all parties in the industry chain, and are quietly bringing users a new way of life.

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