Brief configuration Summary of Apache Tomcat JK 1.3 in Windows

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Software Environment

  • Windows XP Home SP3
  • JDK 6.0
  • Apache Tomcat 6.14
  • Apache httpd 2.2.x


  1. Confirm that Tomcat is correctly installed and enter http: // localhost: 8080 in the browser

    Tomcat welcome page appears

  2. Confirm that Apache 2.2 is correctly installed and enter http: // localhost in the browser
    It works appears! Words

For the above content, please refer to its official website:

Download mod_jk

Select the JK download suitable for your system:

The name for Apache 2.2 is
After the download, rename it and put it in the modules directory of Apache httpd.
Configure Apache httpd 2.2.

Open the configuration file httpd. conf.
Add the loading module configuration (we recommend that you add it before mod_rewrite)
Loadmodule jk_module modules/ is added to the end of the configuration file


Jkworkersfile CONF/workers. Properties
Jklogfile logs/mod_jk.log
# Set the jk log level [debug/error/info]
Jkloglevel info
# Select the log format
Jklogstampformat "[% A % B % d % H: % m: % S % Y]"
# Jkoptions indicate to send SSL key size,
Jkoptions + forwardkeysize + forwarduricompat-forwarddirectories
# Jkrequestlogformat set the request format
Jkrequestlogformat "% w % v % t"

The workers. properties file is used in the middle.
Create this file in the conf directory, including the following content


# Define 1 ajp13 worker
Worker. List = worker1
# Set Properties for worker1 (ajp13)
Worker. worker1.type = ajp13
Worker. =
Worker. worker1.port = 8009
Worker. worker1.lbfactor = 50
Worker. worker1.socket _ keepalive = 1
Worker. worker1.socket _ timeout = 300

Now, some paths need to be mapped to the Tomcat server for processing.
Simple ing sub-Path

Add this sentence.

Jkmount/APP * worker1

At this time, when you access http: // localhost/APP
It is equivalent to accessing http: // localhost: 8080/APP

Use vhost


Loadmodule vhost_alias_module modules/

Loads CONF/extra/httpd-vhost.conf


# Virtual hostsinclude CONF/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

Open the file and edit it as needed. I added the following content. Of course, DNS settings and other support are required.
Replace [] with <> NO.


[Virtualhost 80]

Jkmount/* worker1

Therefore, when you enter http: // localhost
When accessing the original httpd resource, enter the
Is equivalent to accessing http: // localhost: 8080
(Modified the hosts file)
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