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third, speed sense

Since it's cool, Flash is a Be sure to have a good sense of speed, if you notice in the following areas, you will find that the speed of the feeling is not only fast enough to meet.

1, move Blur

people familiar with Photohsop know that motion blur, moving Blur is a way of simulating what the human eye sees when moving objects at high speed (Figure 13). Because of the visual stay of the human eye, the fast moving object will lengthen his motion path, just as you can see the traffic on the freeway is made of colored lines. We can make objects move in Photoshop or flash blur effect, when the need for the object high-speed displacement can be used after motion blur treatment of objects replaced. When a real object is changed at the end of the movement, it is visually felt that the object is moving at a very high speed. and zoom blur (Figure 14), rotation blur can be applied in flash, such as the performance of the lens of high-speed zoom, high-speed rotation, and so on.

2, rate Here is said the rate of FPS (the number of frames per second) (such as Figure 15), this rate is appropriate or not directly affect the speed of animation playback, CPU resources, the most important is the impact of fluency. Theoretically, of course, the higher the FPS, the heavier the CPU resources, which means that it may be intermittent. Under normal circumstances 24-40 is a reasonable range, at this rate the animation appears very fluent, and the cost source is not very heavy.

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