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Hair beautification is also more time-consuming, the author summed up the method is very practical. Thought: First, the hair part of the analysis, identify weaknesses, and then intercept the natural parts of the hair, through the copy and mask control range, the overall hair processing smooth natural; The next step is to add the hair details, with a hair brush or pen to tick out some of the hair add details; The final step is the processing of hair gloss, Use hyperbolic or neutral ash and other methods to beautify.


Final effect

1, first of all, we open the picture in the PS, to observe, found that hair problems a lot, choose hair shape and trend of the better part. The following figure.

2, then copy, move to the appropriate location, add a mask, use the brush to fuse, let it over natural, the following figure.

3, the key step, a new blank layer, using hair brush according to hair trends and shape to depict, so that the reproduction of the hair layer and original image fusion natural (warm tip: No experience of the small partner can be more to watch the hair of the book painted tutorial) as follows.

4, and then use the hard edge of the brush or hair brush to refine until satisfied, a single layer effect as shown below.


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