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[Multi-Yuan-intelligence-Energy] theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ commodity CQ creation business MQ de business DQ daring business MQ core business WQ zhishang sq lingshang

Multi-Yuan-intelligence-energy theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ primary business CQ creation business mq d-Business qidr business MQ core

Thinking on Business operation mode of Business-to-business e-business

E-commerce business-to-business business model is not simply to run a network of supermarkets and logistics, not simply the enterprise itself in favor of marketing and open the Network window, but also not e-commerce operators for the promotion of enterprise goods opened an advertising company (advertising is only a variety of operations service providers in the

[China Telecom value-added business Study Notes] 10 value-added business based on business nodes provides technology

Author: gnuhpcSource: 1. Concept of business nodes: Intelligent Network has the following problems: The switch must be upgraded to support SSP and INAP; SCP system has a high technical threshold and high cost; Intelligent Network-based business development has a high technical threshold; Only basic voice resource functions, lack of flexible processing capabilities for vo

On the market pattern of business-to-business E-commerce in China

In 2006, China's e-commerce total turnover of about 500 billion yuan, of which business-to-business E-commerce accounted for about 95%, while in all business-to-business turnover of about 97% of the money transaction is done online. By contrast, Chinese business-to-

Business treasure: Business-to-business ushered in the era of low prices

Recently, the Network Sheng Business Treasure (002095) Chairman Sun Deliang said, the future of E-commerce, just like mobile phones and broadband, will be achieved by the "high threshold, high cost" to the "low threshold" and "Chinese cabbage price" change, small and medium-sized enterprises need to spend on E-commerce will be less money, e-commerce may be the result of the transition. Sun Deliang said that the current domestic macro-economic situati

A figure of the second to understand Peer-to-peer, P2C, O2O, Business-to-consumer, business-to-business, C2C_P2C

Peer-to-peer, P2C, O2O, Business-to-consumer, business-to-business, c2c, see these dazzling flooded the internet is not the word, is not very familiar. However, there is no egg to be familiar with, if you do not understand the meaning of them, do not understand their differences, you take what the show force lattice it. Don't worry, come here, there is a picture

Business-to-business website Optimization Solve these problems first

Business-to-business website optimization has become one of the most important strategies of business-to-business web marketing strategy, the traffic of the search engine can not be ignored, but the business-to-business site is di

Business-to-business E-commerce: Are Chinese companies ready? Two

Electronic commerce First, the outlook: China's business-to-business e-commerce ready? Based on the previous analysis, we can draw the following conclusions: 1, Business-to-business E-commerce in both the West and China, are in the initial stage, in the development process there are many uncertainties. 2, social struct

Enterprise website How to use the Business-to-business information network to do outreach?

Do business site webmaster Friends should be in the industry business-to-business information online publishing information, so that both for their own companies and products in the industry information on the Internet to do publicity, sales products, there can give their own corporate web site do outreach, really kill both birds. I am also doing

General standard for "title bar design" of business-to-business websites

In the process of designing the frame of the Business-to-business website, the title bar design is the most work, the most of the page frame. Website logo and navigation bar design, basic each page is the same as the homepage, compared to the workload will be much smaller. Whether it is the homepage, Level two column page, or navigation page, the content of the final page, excellent title bar can always mak

Business-to-business industry website "Text style design" general standard

When we open a variety of business-to-business websites, see the most is a variety of text, expressed in a variety of ways, displayed in front of the visitors, text is the Portal type Web site The most content, while the text and pictures, video is the most important site of the three ways of expression. Business-to-business

How do you do the business-to-business?

A senior sourcing representative has touched on the current status of China's business-to-business market, with a very large amount of information on business-to-business portals and countless emerging companies in the Chinese market, and for international buyers, there is no point in

Business-to-business (i)

I think it is better to write business, one is a little understanding of this field, it has a good future; the second is that the current business-to-business pattern is a little bit tripod, with the more consistent with the two kingdoms, it may be fun to write. Who is the three-strong business-to-

Chen Jizuo: Business-to-business Web Platform to promote the optimization of talkative

Read a lot of articles, like the previous article how to use business-to-business platform to do the promotion is to teach you how to use Business-to-business website optimization promotion, in fact, the master is really a lot, they wrote the article is really good, you can in webmaster nets, SEO forums, outdated, a5,t

Use the WebSphere Business events rest interface to emit simple business events from your application

Brief introduction Understanding business processes, more agility, and near-real-time monitoring of management and compliance are growing business line requirements. Event-based Solutions support business and IT management enterprise risk by quickly and efficiently leveraging opportunities and reducing exceptions. When busin

The Operation skills of Business-to-business blog SEO

Blog to the enterprise set a more casual, personalized way to communicate with customers, in the SEO optimization work, blog is indispensable to the outside chain resources, especially Business-to-business blog to help clarify certain products or services, without changing the content of the product site, Do not know the use of business-to-

Building SOA portfolio Business Services, part 5th: Using IBM WebSphere Business Modeler

This article is the fifth article in this series that discusses how to develop composite applications to support business services. The composite business services component meets the requirements of the service component architecture and is developed using an integrated toolset that includes IBM Websphere®business Modeler (WBM) and IBM WebSphere Integration Deve

Borrow chicken and lay eggs on the method of establishing station group with Business-to-business platform

For SEO, Resources is everything, the best resources are their own site, but for most SEO, have a high quality of the station group is not an easy thing, in addition to the accumulation of time, the establishment of the station space and domain name costs is also a large amount of capital out. This makes a lot of seoer prohibitive. However, in fact, we can use a flexible way to borrow chicken eggs, using a number of business-to-

How to do a good job of business-to-business Web page content design retain users

For business-to-business Web site design, you may consider the page color, navigation bar, button, title bar design, content design may often be overlooked. But if the content is poorly designed, you may be able to destroy all your designs. For example, how to make content have primary and secondary points, the level of sense, so that content does not look too messy, too much, so that users do not want to c

The influence of novice courses on network marketing factors of the ranking of business-to-business information

As the internet becomes more and more widely used, the use of network marketing companies are more and more, and then, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are still in the business platform to publish information stage, and, there are many just stepping into the network marketing industry novice, many of them every day to know the release of information, refresh information, think that the more the hair, The more the brush, the better t

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