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Business-to-business website optimization has become one of the most important strategies of business-to-business web marketing strategy, the traffic of the search engine can not be ignored, but the business-to-business site is different from the enterprise station, this kind of website general level Many, the structure is also relatively complex, and the content information is huge, At the same time, many of the business-to-business sites are corresponding to a number of user-generated two-level directory or level two domain name, it is because of these factors that many business-to-business websites have many problems, especially small business-to-business websites, where no professional team or managers are optimized, which leads to the fact that the common problems still exist until now. Below wood-wood seo talk about those issues, especially small business-to-business websites.

1, the structure of the site

Business-to-business Web-guided navigation seems simple, is nothing more than supply, buy, products, enterprises, information and other major columns, but in these different columns corresponding to a large number of information and classification, which led to many business-to-business Web site classification complex, messy layout, into the maze, or the user directly away, Or the patience to find a potentially less satisfying demand information, may not come again next time, and for search engine optimization, which also caused the crawl index, reducing the efficiency of the search engine spiders in the site, in the amount of information on a very large business-to-business website, blocking spiders is tantamount to refusing traffic. Whether for the user or for the search engine, the large well-known business-to-business site is fine, because there are authoritative brands, this is capital, and small business-to-business sites do not have the capital, if the structure is not unique, what to compare?

2, advertising issues

or a small business-to-business site, this is a very big problem, because many small business-to-business websites rely on advertising fees, a bit better to have business ads, and most of them rely on traffic ads, this can be understood, because the small stationmaster also need to make money. But advertising is also to have a degree, to have a reasonable layout, the following screenshot is a business-to-business website home page, you can see the first screen 1/2 of the position are ads, but also in the top, you can say that this is the most important location of the home, but all are ads, I think it is a windfall site. There are a lot of such business-to-business sites because there are a lot of ads that are pay-per-click, also have Ali mother's, this needs the user clicks or buys, therefore the stationmaster will put it in the eye-catching position, but your website is the business-to-business website, do not forget the user to come this purpose, put the cart before the horse, this is in consumes your user, also is excessive consumption.


3, bread crumbs navigation problem

As I said before, the classification of business-to-business sites is very, very complex, so to make users and search engines better "Browse" site, breadcrumbs are indispensable, but many business-to-business sites directly without breadcrumbs, and did not do other alternative things, but also some made breadcrumbs navigation, but the more the more the chaos, Either they are not categorized according to the classification, or they are replaced with keywords. Although the navigation on the key words for optimization has some use, but this does more harm than good, if only for a little keyword density, wood just want to say: "Save it!"

4, update the content to show the problem

Business-to-business websites have a lot of information updates every day, and with the increase in supply and demand information released, a large number of new information is constantly rolling updates, but a lot of new information has not yet wait for search engine spiders, updated information, and then scroll to multi-level directory, large-scale business-to-business Web site Fortunately, spiders crawl frequency is relatively high, and small business-to-business website will have a large number of new published information can not be indexed by search engines, and a lot of new information is not seen by users, so the first to pay attention to the frequency and time to update the information has enough exposure time, at the same time this can also cultivate spiders, improve the efficiency of spiders, On the other hand, due to the unreasonable design of the website structure, it is difficult to collect.

5, update content quality problems

Business-to-business sites need a lot of updated content, the main source of content is the administrator to add their own and UGC mode, here first to say that the administrator to add their own, behind the UGC model alone. Because of the very large amount of updates per day and the fact that many business-to-business websites do not have special editors, therefore, most of the content quality is not optimistic, collection, duplication, disruption, combination is the most common means, there are many even directly linked to the collection of links, but also to add oil on the fire, the following figure, after the collection of content and add some links. I do not understand what is the purpose of this, is to drive away the user? Is it a provocative search engine? We say that business-to-business sites require a lot of information, but what's the use of this useless or even harmful? Do you have any statistical tools in your spare time to look at the effects of these pages? There is a very good saying: no Zuo no die! The mechanical filling content is useless, the key lies in the content value, the content is all your product and the service carrier, is the website strong driving force, only the quantity content will let the user again and again disappoint.


6, UGC problem

Why UGC mode should be said alone, because the main source of information for business-to-business websites or rely on UGC, and the administrator to add is relatively good control, and UGC mode is the user to publish information, this is more difficult to control, on the one hand, many users published content page title design is not professional, a lot of content relevance is not high, On the other hand, when different users publish content will cause a lot of duplication of information, and the content of these publications is a lot of direct is pure spam, this is a more common three cases, the consequences are not only affect the user experience, but also in the search engine has no competitive advantage. This time need the website to the user publishes the information to carry on the correct guidance and the reminder, simultaneously must have the strict audit mechanism, the specification these content. UGC mode is now more and more popular content model, but the use of bad, is a time bomb inside. Unfortunately, for so long, only a handful of industry-leading business-to-business sites are reasonably addressing the problem, and most of the other business-to-business sites (especially small ones) are not being handled well, and some may not even be paying attention to the site's executives.

Written in the last

These are the problems that have existed before, so far there is a large number of existing, especially small business-to-business sites, in my opinion, the first site structure of the Business-to-business site must be clearly laid out reasonable, aspects of users and search engines "browsing", the second content needs to be valuable, in this content marketing era, there is no content, unable to do, Finally need to have a good reading experience, full screen advertising is definitely a hindrance. Of course, in addition to these problems, business-to-business still have a lot of various problems, many problems have become a long-term problem, not only did not achieve the purpose of website optimization, but let the site more problems. So be sure to pay attention to some of the problems in the operation of the site, otherwise the accumulation of more, leapfrog bigger, the last site will not hold.

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