Business System Design considerations (2) Separation of the business logic service layer

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The business homogeneity of commercial companies is very high. If the market is like a battlefield, who can respond quickly, who can provide personalized services to customers, who can get the business, and who can survive. In particular, countries with extremely uneven economic, cultural, and political relations, such as China, have a huge gap between the central government and the local government, and must have local characteristics.

However, from the management perspective of the head office, we certainly hope that the business process will be more standardized and the better. New Patterns always mean potential management risks. From the information technology department of the headquarters, personalized New Tricks are the dramatic increase in development workload and endless new demands.

Management and Marketing, leadership and customer, global and local, and the head office and branch office are in conflict with each other.

Of course, the project should be implemented according to the management intention of the superior, so we got a national consistent system, a unique availableUI, A unified operation manual. For conventional businesses, the operation can meet the requirements of the system. However, this system no longer gives opportunities for business and technological innovation. All new ideas can only be raised to superiors as new requirements, and then the emotionalItPersonnel inProgramAdd one by one"If (strncmp (deptno," bej ", 3) = 0 )..."So ugly to violentCodeTo customize the process.


In fact, it is not impossible to satisfy both sides of the company in the same system, that is, to divide the application system into two layers: business logic andUIThe business logic layer is atomic to the business logic and is provided as a real-time service. Build an interface display based on the business logic service.

The key point here is the provision of the business logic service, which can be not only a standardUIYou must also be ableWebserivceAnd other protocols to provide out-of-process services. For standard processes, the Headquarters can be used as a "typical implementation", while for segments with special needs, other frontend extensions of the business system can be easily built on the basis of business services.

In this way, from the management perspective, business data is imported and exported through standard services. business data quality, business consistency, and compliance can all be ensured through a unified business logic, the branches have the opportunity to develop different front-end interfaces for different businesses to flexibly innovate according to market requirements.

This mode is especially suitable for companies with external cooperation institutions, such as financial enterprises and e-commerce enterprises. If the business system has only oneUIOfIoWay, all data needs to be accessed through the operator, so it is difficult to achieve automated data interconnection with other partners, it can only be handed over to the company that has mastered the underlying logicItDevelopment from scratch.

Now our system has been launched. Unfortunately, the system adopts the simplest and most intuitive idea for development and almost writes the business logic on the interface. Now, there is no way to change things. Here I will share my thoughts and discuss them.

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