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* NetworkManager Network Management
* Acpid Power Supply Management
Aide Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment to Detect System File integrity
* Amtu hardware status detection
* Anacron handles unfinished cron tasks
* Aspell dictionary-based spelling check
* Aspell-en dictionary-based spelling check (English)
Authd authorization and authentication daemon
* Autofs File System mounting Program
Bluez-utils Bluetooth Tool
Bridge-utils Ethernet bridging setting tool
Brltty blind secondary text Console
* Ccid usb and SD Memory Card Drivers
* Conman serial port terminal management program
Convmv character set encoding Converter
Driver of coolkey and CAC Products
Cpuspeed is Intel speedstep and AMD powernow! CPU clock speed management support
Crash Kernel Analysis and detection during system crash
Cryptsetup-luks tool for creating an encrypted file system
Device-mapper-multipath provides kernel interaction management tools for multi-path devices.
* Dmraid RAID device discovery and viewing tools
* Dos2unix converts dos and Mac text files to UNIX text files.
Dosfstools create a MS-DOS FAT file system on a hard disk or floppy disk
Dump File System Backup and restoration tools and file backup management tools
* The control program pops up on the console of the eject disc drive.
ELSA class BSD system user group enhancement management tool
* Fbset frame. Buffer Management setting tool
* Finger client Tool
* Firstboot-tui text interface system Initialization Configuration Tool
* FTP client tool on the FTP text interface
* GnuPG data encryption and digital signature creation tools
Gpart tool used to guess Disk Partitions when the primary Partition Table is corrupted
Mouse driver on the GPM text interface
Hardlink tool for creating hard links in the directory tree
The hesinfo client is used to publish files such as/etc/passwd,/etc/group, and/etc/printcap files to other hosts and query the Hesiod database.
Hfsutils HFS volume management tool
Imbasm IBM Advanced System Management driver
IPsec-tools IPSec management tool
* Iptstate IP Tables firewall advanced monitoring tool
IRDA-utils infrared device Tool
* Irqbalance interrupts the resource adjustment management program for multiple CPU Systems
The daemon and management tool of the iscsi-initiator-utils iSCSI Server
* Jwhois whois client Tool
Kexec-tools/sbin/kexec program, used to restart the system to load the kernel when the kernel crashes
Management and control tool for keyutils kernel key
Basic management tool assembly for krb5-workstation Kerberos, which should be deployed to each host in the Kerberos Environment
Ksh kornshell
* Lftp client program
Lha LHA compressed package Tool
* Libaio POSIX asynchronous I/O thread Library
Libica IBM eserver cryptographic accelerator Library
* Logwatch System Log File security detection tool
Longrun tool used to adjust transmeta. Crusoe CPU clock speed
* M2crypto allows calling OpenSSL function libraries in Python scripts
* Man-page man Manual
Mcelog daemon for collecting and decoding computer detection data in x86-64 Systems
Mdadm tool for creating, managing, and monitoring Linux soft RAID
* Mgetty allows you to log on to the system console through a serial port device (such as modem ).
* Microcode_ctl is a management tool for the CPU internal instruction set.
* Mkbootdisk is a tool used to start a floppy disk in Linux.
* Mlocate System File database: Index of the database created for file search operations
* Mtools MS-DOS file system read/write tool assembly
* MTR network diagnostic tool
Nano nano Text Editor
NC Netcat simple network read/write Tool
Nic manager on the netconfig text interface
Nfs-utils NFS Tool
Nss_db Berkeley dB C Language extension
C Language extension of nss_ldap
Numactl supports Simple NUMA policies
Oddjob D-BUS Service
Opencryptoki IBM crypto cards API Interface
OpenSSL-OpenSSL support for the ibmca imb ca Certification System
Openswan creates an IPsec-based opens/wan vpn connection
* Pam_ccreds provides cache tools based on Pam Network Authentication.
Pam support for pam_krb5 kerberos5
* Pam_passwdqc the password strength detection tool used by Pam
* The pam_pkcs11 Pam logon module supports X.509 user authentication.
Pam_smb uses an external SMB server for User Authentication
* Pax POSIX standard archiving tool, supporting cpio and tar formats
Tools used to initialize and debug the PCMCIA Interface
Pinfo provides a man page browser similar to the lynx Browser Interface
Pkinit-nss MIT Kerberos pkinit support

Features and scripts in PM-utils are applicable to tasks related to power management.
Rdate is based on the recovery date and time of another host on the network.
Rdist maintains the same file copy on many hosts
Readahead adds the content determined to be extracted from the cache to the memory to accelerate the Boot Process
RedHat-LSB de facto standard in the field of Linux standardization based on RedHat
RNG-untils hardware random number generator
RP-pppoe function package, which can connect to the Internet through ADSL
Rsh allows you to execute fame or fortune or copy files on a remote login host.
Rsync provides fast incremental File Transfer
Sendmail MTA email program
Setarch reports different architectures to the kernel, in the new program environment, and sets the flag of Personality
Setuptool A System Configuration tool that is easy to master
Smartmontools uses smart (self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology system) to control and monitor storage devices and provides advanced warning of disk degradation and failure.
SOS collects system hardware and configuration information for judgment and debugging.
Specspo contains the directory of portable objects
Squashfs creates and reads highly compressed read-only file systems
Star is compatible with POSIX package documentation. It reads and writes POSIX-compatible package files and non-POSIX standard GNU package documentation.
The Stunnel socket housing can be provided to the application for SSL support.
Sudo allows common users to execute some commands as root
The symlinks symbolic connection checks the symbolic connection problem and can change the symbolic connection.
Sysreport collection system hardware and configuration for diagnosis and debugging
System-config-Network-Tui Network Configuration Tool
Talk provides clients and daemon for internet session protocols
Tcp_wrappers monitors and filters service access requests
Tcpdump command line-based network traffic monitoring tool that can capture and display data headers on Network Interfaces
Tcsh command language interface, fully compatible with C Shell
Telnet provides Telnet protocol for remote client login
Time to collect and display resources used when the program is running
TPM-tools manages and utilizes trusted computing TPM hardware. TPM hardware securely creates, stores, and uses RSA keys, and confirms that platform software uses hash encryption and more
TREE tree directory list program
Trousers provides a TSS execution condition. With the help of the user space daemon, tcsd, and a trousers library, the purpose is to be compatible with the 1.1b and 1.2tss standards.
Unix2dos converts UNIX text files to DoS
Unzip allows you to view, test, and decompress ZIP files.
Usbutils monitors devices connected to the USB Bus
Configure and adjust 802.1Q VLAN parameters in vconfig
Wget can use HTTP and FTP File Retrieval Tools
Which shows the complete path of a specific program
Wireless-tools wireless network management tools
Words dictionary file, which can be called by other programs to check spelling
X86info gets a lot of information by exploring the CPU register
Ypbind provides Network Information Service (NIS)
Yum-updatesd provides a daemon to check for available updates, and notifies administrators by email, system logs, or token.
Zip Provides File compression and packaging functions

Centos base Package Description in Chinese and English

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